Countdown To Grand Prix Charlotte: 10 Days Out!

The sheer amount of sweet swag at this event is unbelievable, and Nick Miller is here to tell you about what you get when you register to join the Modern Magic party that will be Grand Prix Charlotte!

Welcome to the second installment of the Grand Prix Charlotte countdown blog! Today I’m going over all the awesome stuff you get just for registering! With
the introduction our new tiered registration system, you decide on your experience and the rewards you get!

As always, StarCityGames® pulls out all the stops with registration rewards. Check out all the sweet swag available at Grand Prix Charlotte.


Just for playing in Grand Prix Charlotte you get plenty of bang for your buck! With bronze registration you get the awesome Noble Hierarch playmat, an
exclusive Griselbrand foil promotional card, and a voucher for one free month of StarCityGames.com Premium.


On top of the bronze rewards, you also get a pack of Noble Hierarch sleeves, a free 8-player side event voucher, and the StarCityGames.com Premium voucher
is upped to three free months!


Gold improves upon the silver package by doubling the amount of sleeves and adds a Noble Hierarch deck box to the mix. In addition, a set of SCGLive
trading cards are included along with the exclusive Noble Hierarch collectable pin! A Sleep-In Special is included, but remember you must haves byes for
Grand Prix Charlotte to utilize this function! You also gain access to you registration awards before the player meeting. Lastly, the StarCityGames.com
Premium voucher is upped to six free months!


The whole shebang! Platinum registration rewards include: a Noble Hierarch playmat, three packs of Noble Hierarch sleeves, two Noble Hierarch deck boxes,
an exclusive Noble Hierarch collectable pin, two 8-player side event vouchers, a set of SCGLive trading cards, a foil set of SCGLive trading cards that are
only available via platinum registration, an exclusive Griselbrand foil promotional card, a Sleep-In Special, access to your rewards before the player
meeting, a voucher for a year of free Premium, and you become a VIP!

Being a VIP comes with many benefits starting with the VIP packet that comes with a badge, lanyard, and SCG water bottle. Being a VIP also comes with
access to the VIP lounge equipped with phone/electric charging stations and water stations with unlimited refills. VIPs also get access to our VIP
concierge, private pairing boards, and access to exclusive side event registration area. Here’s a visual breakdown of all the awesome rewards!

I’m tagging out of the blog series for a bit, but join Ken Crocker tomorrow as he tells you about the plethora of side events available at Grand Prix

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