Countdown to GP Charlotte: 11 Days Out!

Are you ready for the next big blowout Magic event of the year? Grand Prix Charlotte has endless fun and rewards to offer, and the countdown to the big weekend begins here and now!

Welcome to the first edition of the Grand Prix Charlotte countdown blog! This series of blogs will go over anything and everything concerning Grand Prix
Charlotte and will let you hear from people here at StarCityGames on how the event will work.

This first piece is an overview to give you the rundown in Charlotte and start the hype train for what will be a massive Modern Grand Prix. While I’m no
Evan Erwin, I too can get super excited for an amazing event! I’ve been hearing from people for months about how pumped they are for Grand Prix Charlotte,
whether it be from players at an Open Series weekend, local IQ, or FNM, and they are not alone. As ready as you are to play in the event, I am just as
ready to work and cover it! Let’s hit the highlights:

StarCityGames.com’s History in Charlotte

Charlotte has been home to some of our most successful events, and we want that to continue! Our first Grand Prix in Charlotte in 2013 broke the record for
the largest Grand Prix of all time. Our Season One Invitational in 2014 followed that trend by being our most attended Invitational of the time as well.
Can we continue the trend this summer? I don’t know, but people love Modern so I’m crossing my fingers! Last year in Richmond, we had 4,304 people show up
to battle, and it was a blast to see.

Whether we make history again or not, one thing is for sure: This event is going to be sweet. StarCityGames knows how to run a great event, and this will
be no different. Charlotte is a great city, and the event is located just eight miles from the airport. There’s public transportation, plenty of places to
stay, and great food options available. Check out all the options for lodging and transportation here!

Noble Hierarch Playmat and Registration Rewards

While I’m going to breakdown all of the awesome registration rewards tomorrow, I have to touch on the great playmat with art by Mark Zug! Noble Hierarch is
a staple card in the Modern format, and the iconic art makes for a great playmat! From Infect to Abzan, this Conflux all-star is back in Modern Masters 2015 and will see plenty of play going forward. The Noble Hierarch playmat is free to all players at Grand Prix Charlotte, and for
those not interested in the main event, the playmat is also part of our Three Day Infinite Challenge Badge package!

Guests of Honor

What’s better than one Guest of Honor? Two, obviously! We’ve outdone ourselves this time by bringing you two amazing guests of honor. Grand Prix Charlotte
will play host to Terese Nielsen and Volkan Baga! Nielsen’s art has graced Magic cards since Alliances and includes pieces like Force of Will,
Eternal Witness, Swords to Plowshares, and Rest in Peace. Baga will be joining us all the way from Germany and has created the art for some of Modern’s
most played cards. From Snapcaster Mage, Mox Opal, Temple Garden, and even the newest format staple, Siege Rhino, Baga’s art has made a lasting impact on
the game.

Both guests of honor will have signing periods on all three days of Grand Prix Charlotte. Each artist will be available for fifteen hours over the course
of the event for you to get those special cards signed! Check out signing schedules and all the information about our guests here!

More To Come

Grand Prix Charlotte has too much going on to cover in just one blog, so be on the lookout for more in the coming days! We’ll be covering registration
rewards, side events, special guests and artists, introducing the judge and event staff, hosting an AMA, and detailing SCGLive’s plans for the weekend.

Preregister for Grand Prix Charlotte now
and join us June 12-14! I’ll be back tomorrow to go over all the awesome registration rewards!