Countdown To Grand Prix Charlotte: 9 Days Out!

Grand Prix Charlotte has some pretty sweet new events we’ll be running over the course of the entire weekend, and Ken Crocker is here to introduce the Infinite Challenge badges and the whole host of side events!

Welcome to the third edition of the Grand Prix Charlotte countdown blog! Today I’m going to discuss all of the sweet side-event action that StarCityGames has to offer for the entire Magic-filled weekend! But let’s start with something that I know we as Magic players love the most – value! In particular, infinite value!

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Infinite Challenge Badge!

Grand Prix Charlotte is the debut of the StarCityGames Infinite Challenge badge and boy, what a deal it is! By purchasing either the One-Day Badge or Three-Day Badge, you will be able to enter as many of our Challenge events as you possibly can in a given day for one low price! Let’s break down what you get for each badge:

One-Day Infinite Challenge Badge ($40)–

  • Entry into all Challenge events for one day!
  • One free 8-Player side event voucher!

Three-Day Infinite Challenge Badge ($100) –

  • Entry into all Challenge events all weekend long!
  • Two free 8-player side event vouchers!
  • The exclusive Noble Hierarch playmat!

Given that each Challenge event costs at minimum $20, I’d say that the Infinite Challenge Badge is a very sweet deal. For those of you who are multiplayer enthusiasts, the Infinite Challenge Badge will only cover your half of a Two-Headed Giant Sealed Challenge. While you can’t double- or triple-queue, you still have every opportunity to go infinite at Grand Prix Charlotte!


Let’s talk about the Challenges themselves, now that I know you’re going to go infinite on them. These four-round events are played at Regular rule enforcement levels, meaning they are meant to focus on a friendly and fun atmosphere, similar to your local FNM. A 4-0 in any Challenge event nets you 180 SCG Prize Wall tickets, which is halfway to a booster box of any legal Standard set!

Friday schedule of Challenge Events:

11am – Standard – $20

Noon – Legacy – $20

1pm – Modern -$20

2pm – Two-Headed Giant Sealed (6 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $50 per team

3pm – Standard – $20

4pm – Legacy – $20

5pm – Modern – $20

Saturday schedule of Challenge Events:

10am – Sealed (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $30

11am – Standard – $20

Noon – Modern – $20

1pm – Legacy – $20

2pm – Two-Headed Giant Sealed (6 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $50 per team

3pm – Standard – $20

4pm – Modern Rebound (if you played in the Main Event, you can enter for half price!) – $20

5pm – Sealed (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $30

6pm – Legacy – $20

Sunday schedule of Challenge Events:

10am – Sealed (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $30

11am – Standard – $20

Noon – Legacy – $20

1pm – Modern – $20

2pm – Two-Headed Giant Sealed (6 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $50 per team

3pm – Sealed (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $30

4pm – Standard – $20

Friday Special Events!

Last Chance Grand Prix Trials – On Demand! (Registration closes at 7pm)

Sealed (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged) – $30

Constructed (Modern) – New Price of $15

Want those two byes and a Sleep-In Special? Here’s your last chance! Winners receive two byes, a Sleep-In Special for the Grand Prix Charlotte main event, one pack of exclusive Noble Hierarch sleeves, and 180 SCG Prize Wall tickets! These 32-person single-elimination tournaments are a great way to get in some serious testing, and with prizes paying out to the Top 16, all you need is one win to walk away with prizes!

Sealed Spectacular – $20 (11am, 1pm, 3pm)

Talk about value! You get six packs (4 packs of Dragons of Tarkir/2 packs of Fate Reforged) plus prizes for a mere $20. Every player receives an exclusive pack of our Noble Hierarch sleeves just for entering!

Foiled Again! – $25 (6pm)

With SCG Prize Wall tickets and promotional foils at every table, every round, this three-round Sealed event (4 Dragons of Tarkir/2 Fate Reforged), this event is packed with fun for everyone! Each round, each match will receive 30 SCG Prize Wall tickets and a random promotional foil. The winner will receive 20 SCG Prize Wall tickets and the foil, while the loser still receives 10 SCG Prize Wall tickets.

Saturday Special Events!

Rebound Challenge – $20 ($10 if you entered the main event!) (4pm)

Got the run-bads? Did your opponent topdeck you out of the main event? Want a restart? Come to the Rebound Challenge, where you can play Modern for a shot at 180 SCG Prize Wall tickets. Those of you who had played in the Grand Prix will get a discounted rate of 50% off! Also, anyone with an Infinite Challenge badge can join as well!

Sunday Special Events!

Super Sunday Series – $30 (9 am)

Want to play for a big prize, but not in the Grand Prix main event? How about playing for a chance to win a trip to Wizards HQ to play in an exclusive $20,000 tournament while being wined and dined by Wizards R&D? First prize in this Modern Super Sunday Series is something money can’t buy, but that doesn’t mean StarCityGames isn’t going to fill up that prize payout as well! Not only does every participant receive a pack of exclusive Noble Hierarch sleeves, you will receive SCG Prize Wall tickets based on finish to at least the Top 64 players and, depending on the size of the event, prizes can pay out to the Top 96!


In order to ensure that our scheduled events start on time, registration closes ten minutes before the event start time. If you want to participate in an event, make sure you are in line at least ten minutes early, as we will not accept any late registrations. Our priority is to provide the best possible event experience and step one in that is starting our events on time.

On-Demand Events!

Whether you want to draft all weekend long in our $10 drafts or turn your sweet Modern tech into booster boxes in our Eight-Player Constructed events, come to the side events stage for On-Demand events all weekend long! Formats include Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Booster Draft! The winner of each eight-player event (Constructed or Draft) earns the regular prizes for these events, plus an exclusive Noble Hierarch deckbox!

We’re also offering four-person Commander events as well as bring-your-buddies three-on-three team drafts (Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged) all weekend long!

On-Demand Registration Hours:

Friday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 7pm

Sunday: 8am – 5pm

There is so much value for everyone at Grand Prix Charlotte, whether you’re a weathered Legacy veteran, a casual Commander player looking for fun, or a new player in their first ever draft! With side events firing constantly, if you love Magic, then you need to be at Grand Prix Charlotte!

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