Countdown To Grand Prix Washington DC: 10 Days Out – Registration Options And Rewards!

Grand Prix Washington DC has an endless amount of options for you to have the best Magic weekend you can have! Cedric tells you how to cater to the Grand Prix weekend you want!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Washington DC countdown blog! Yesterday I did a brief overview of what to expect at Grand Prix Washington DC, but today is when I’ll really start diving into things. Grand Prix are massive events with a lot going on at them. From awesome special guests, super sweet side events, and the chance to win an invite to a Pro Tour, a Grand Prix really is whatever you want to make out of it. But in order to make Grand Prix Washington DC a special event for yourself, you need to become more familiar with what your options are!

Main Event Registration

Team Sealed is the main event at Grand Prix Washington DC, so gather your closest allies in the nations’ capital and prepare to do battle! By signing up for a Grand Prix main event, not only are you signing up for the largest, open-entry Magic: the Gathering tournament offered worldwide, but you’re also signing up for the opportunity to win an invitation to the Pro Tour! Best of all? All the sweet stuff you get just for registering!

Three-Day Infinite Challenge

If you’re more interested in flying solo, our Three-Day Infinite Challenge option is just what you’re looking for. We’ll be hosting challenge events all weekend long across numerous formats (including Sealed!) for you to pick and choose from. So find what events work for your schedule and battle until you can battle no more. But don’t forget that you get these!

One-Day Infinite Challenge

Don’t have three days to spare to play Magic until infinity? Completely understandable and we’re more than happy to accommodate you! Our One-Day Infinite Challenge option lets you play as many challenge events across numerous formats (including Sealed!) as you can handle.

Three-Day Commander Celebration

The Commander Celebration was such a hit at Grand Prix Atlanta that we’d be foolish not to bring it back at Grand Prix Washington DC. So sleeve up your favorite hundred-card deck, find a comfy chair in the Command Zone, and prepare for three days of complete Commander chaos. And enjoy these registration rewards while you’re at it!

Show Up & Play Registration


You know what sucks? Long lines. I’ve never met anyone who likes waiting in a long line and we at StarCityGames.com don’t like long lines either. And thanks to our Show Up & Play Registration system, main event participants won’t have to wait in long lines to check in and receive their registration rewards. Registration reward vouchers are instead distributed during Saturday morning’s Player Meeting before the main event begins and can be exchanged at the Customer Service station for your registration reward items at your convenience.

And for those who purchase the Three-Day Infinite Challenge and/or Three-Day Commander Celebration registration options? You too can claim your registration rewards at any time.

What Tomorrow Brings

Now that you know your options and what registration rewards come along with them, we can dive further into the main event. Tomorrow I’ll be going over Grand Prix Washington DC’s maximum main event seating capacity (that’s a mouthful!), the main event schedule for Saturday and Sunday, the main event prizes, and the Pro Points you can earn. See ya then!

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