Flesh And Blood Updates Living Legend Points Distribution

Major tournaments will give fewer points while smaller events will award more

Sacred Art: Immortal Lunar Shine illustrated by Ina Wong

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced an update to Flesh and Blood’s Living Legend points system, trimming down the number of points on major tournaments while adding points to smaller events.

LSS states the update is intended to continue “to carefully manage Living Legend point distribution to best align with event density, hero release cadence, and format health.” The new event point breakdown can be seen below.

Event TypeOld Points Per EventNew Points Per Event
World Championship300100
Pro Tour200100
US National Championship10050
National Championships40/2025
Battle Hardened4025
Pro Quest+205
Pro Quest35
Road to Nationals45
Skirmish 45

Flesh and Blood is going to up its presence at conventions and dramatically increase the number of Pro Quest+ events through the remainder of the year. Due to the increase in number of these events, the LL points will now match those of normal Pro Quest events.

The other major changes are the decrease in points in the highest level of tournaments, taking away 200 from the World Championship, 100 from Pro Tours, 50 from Callings and US Nationals, and 15 from Battle Hardened events. These adjustments are in line with the change in philosophy from LSS on how Living Legend points are allocated. LSS doesn’t want a single draw in the final match of a tournament like Worlds or a Pro Tour to severely impact a hero’s longevity in Classic Constructed. “This adjustment should see heroes with prolonged and sustained metagame dominance achieve Living Legend status more reliably, and add a bit more predictability to the system.”

Flesh and Blood creator, James White, responded to feedback on the system change on X (formerly Twitter) stating it will offer more predictability around hero progression to LL and help internal development to predict future metagames.

As always, LSS will monitor these changes and can adjust them again if necessary.

Read the official article from LSS.