Magic’s Story Recaps Preview Three New Eldrazi, Powerful Devoid Enchantment

Four more previews from Modern Horizons 3 revealed in Magic’s Eldrazi recap stories.

Preview season for Modern Horizons 3 is just around the corner, and Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is starting things off with a look back at the Magic: The Gathering storyline from nearly a decade ago, when the Gatewatch assembled to fend off the interstellar threat of the Eldrazi.

On Monday, we got a look at two new Eldrazi from Modern Horizons 3, and today we have several more, plus a sweet new enchantment. Check them out below.

First up is Corrupted Shapeshifter, a four-mana Eldrazi Shapeshifter that enters the battlefield as your choice of a 3/3 with flying, a 2/5 with vigilance, or a 0/13 with defender. For a common, this card has a lot of versatility and seems like a good filler piece for most Limited decks.

Next we have Writhing Chrysalis, a four-mana 2/3 that creates two 0/1 colorless Eldrazi Spawn tokens with “Sacrifice this creature: Add C” when it enters the battlefield. It also comes with reach and can grow itself by +1/+1 whenever you sacrifice another Eldrazi. Four mana for three bodies worth of creatures is a decent rate, especially when two of them give you mana back, plus sometimes making a four-mana 4/6 can be what you need in lower-power formats.

Moving on to the uncommons, we have Wumpus Aberration, a callback to Hunted Wumpus from Mercadian Masques. This four-mana 6/6 with devoid and trample comes with the drawback that you must pay a colorless mana when casting it, otherwise your opponent may put a creature from their hand onto the battlefield. Although it seems punishing, any deck looking to cast this is likely to have colorless mana on hand, so it’s unlikely to benefit your opponents all that often if you plan accordingly.

Saving the best for last, Kozilek’s Unsealing is a three-mana enchantment that rewards you with two 0/1 colorless Eldrazi Spawn creature tokens with “Sacrifice this creature: Add C”, whenever you cast a creature with mana value 4, 5, or 6. You’ll also draw three cards whenever you cast a creature with mana value seven or greater, making this a payoff at every stage of the game. This card not only seems like a bomb at uncommon in Limited, but also enables plenty of synergies and combos in Constructed formats as well.

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So what do you think of these new cards? If you’ve never read the Eldrazi storyline, you can head over to the Magic mothership to catch up.

Modern Horizons 3 is scheduled to release on June 14. View our official preview gallery.