Flesh And Blood’s Part The Mistveil Introduces Gold Packs, New Landmark Fable

Special packs appear in roughly one in 20 boxes of Part the Mistveil

Twelve Petal Kāṣāya illustrated by Billy Christian

Flesh and Blood’s World Premiere for Part the Mistveil kicks off this weekend in Tokyo, Japan and the set has been fully previewed with the exception of two exclusive Japanese cards and the final marvel.

A handful of lucky box breakers got a chance to crack Part the Mistveil packs yesterday, revealing not only the fable from the set, but also that roughly one out of 20 boxes contains a boxtopper-like gold pack.

The Flesh and Blood fans and collectors busted open multiple cases live on stream, discovering two gold packs. Both packs contained the same three cards: a rainbow foil legendary Enigma, New Moon and two alternate art Spectral Shield tokens.

While both gold packs found on the stream featured the same three cards, the back of the pack reads “no specific card, rarity, or type is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box, or case.”

Now, let’s take a look at some of the high-rarity cards from Part the Mistveil.


The fable this time around is a new Mystic Instant – Landmark named Mistcloak Gully!


Of the six legendary cards previewed, we’ve seen extended art treatments for three of them. These three are all Mystic talented pieces of equipment.

The other two legendary pieces of equipment to join the three above and Enigma, New Moon are Stonewall Gauntlet and Meridian Pathway.


The marvels for Part the Mistveil include cold foil full-art young and adult heroes as well as 11 cold foil full-art, double-faced cards that transcend into Inner Chi. The remaining English and Japanese marvels have yet to be found.

Here are the 11 Mystic cards that transcend into Inner Chi.

The full-art Inner Chi can be seen below compared with a normal printing. Each Inner Chi notes which card it transcended from in the reminder text.

Full details on the set, including what versions of the cards exist and where to find them can be found in the Part the Mistveil Collector’s Center article from LSS.

Part the Mistveil is set to release globally on May 31. View all the cards in set here.