Countdown To Grand Prix Washington DC: 9 Days Out – Main Event Registration!

The main event at Grand Prix Washington DC promises to be an absolute blast! Team Limited doesn’t come by often enough, and Cedric wants to share how you and your allies can get in on the action!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Washington DC countdown blog! Yesterday, I dove deep into the Registration Options and Rewards available to anyone looking to attend Grand Prix Washington DC. Today I’ll be going over everything that’s involved with the main event, from how to register to how many Pro Points you could walk away with. Let’s go!

How To Register

Registering for the main event of Grand Prix Washington DC is simple. How simple, you ask? Well with the magic of the internet, I can provide you a direct hyperlink to the registration page right here!

See? Simple!

But remember – although Grand Prix Washington DC is a Team Sealed event, each member of your team must register individually. As each member of your team does so, the confirmation email they receive will contain a hyperlink to a Google Doc which was set live on Friday, February 26th. Once you’ve all received your confirmation email, head to that Google Doc and fill in the requested fields to officially register your team.

A few things worth noting:

  • There is no additional charge to officially register your team using the Google Doc.
  • All three team members must have already individually registered or else the team information submitted using the Google Doc will not be accepted.
  • As long as all three team members have already individually registered, teams may also be registered on-site.
  • Anyone wanting to participate in Grand Prix Washington DC’s main event must register online or on-site by Friday, March 11 at 9pm
  • There is no Saturday main event registration.

Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity

The main event of Grand Prix Washington DC is going to a spectacular event that we want everyone to be a part of. Remember: it’s always our goal at StarCityGames.com to be able to accommodate as many players as we can at our events without sacrificing player experience at the tournament. Therefore, for Grand Prix Washington DC, the maximum main event seating capacity is 4,500 players (or 1,500 teams). Want to be part of those 4,500 players? Click here and secure your spot in the main event right now!

Main Event Schedule

Again, we try to keep it simple:

Main Event Prizes

Grand Prix Washington DC qualifies players for Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad, which takes place on April 22-24 2016 in Madrid, Spain! All three team members on each Top 4-finishing team, plus each member on any team finishing with 36 or more Match Win Points, will receive a Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad invite regardless of placement.

Here’s a complete prize breakdown:

Grand Prix events have an 8x Planeswalker Points Multiplier. These points can earn you byes at future Grand Prix. For more information on Planeswalker Points, visit the Planeswalker Points information page.

Pro Points

Pro Points are a huge reason why players come to play in any Grand Prix main event, and Grand Prix Washington DC is similar in that vein. From a Platinum-level pro looking to solidify their status to an up-and-comer looking for their first big finish, Pro Points are something that stay with you forever and acquiring any at all is one of Magic’s biggest accomplishments.

All members of each team finishing in the Top 4 will receive Pro Points based on their team’s finish. All other players will receive Pro Points based on their team’s total number of Match Win Points at the conclusion of the event.

Here’s a complete Pro Point breakdown:

What Tomorrow Brings

Now that you know everything that’s related to the main event of Grand Prix Washington DC, it’s time for me to catch you up on all of our side events for the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be going over our entire side event schedule! From the numerous Challenge Events that you’ll receive access to with the Infinite Challenge badges to the introduction of Super Invitational Qualifiers to Grand Prixs, there’s a lot to cover. See ya then!

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