MTG Teams Up With WizKids For Line Of Plush Charms

New line of MTG plush charms coming soon

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and WizKids have introduced a new line of plush charms based on MTG Arena pet cosmetics.

The series of four charms are modeled after some of MTG Arena’s most popular pet cosmetics, which sit on the player’s game board and can be interacted with. The three-inch characters featured are the ever-popular Fblthp, The Fisherman, Rainbow Koi, and Mabel, an upcoming character from Bloomburrow.

These plush charms are currently available for preorder for $11.99 each and come with a digital redemption code that will unlock the corresponding pet cosmetic on MTG Arena. These charms are scheduled to ship in Quarter 4 of this year.