Countdown To Grand Prix Washington DC: 11 Days Out – Event Overview!

Grand Prix Washington DC is coming in a hurry! We’re already less than two weeks away from the Team Limited party that will rock the capital! Cedric Phillips is here to tell you what you and your allies can expect when you come to battle!

What’s up everyone! Let me be the first to welcome you to the first installment of the Grand Prix Washington DC countdown blog! This series of blogs will go over anything and everything concerning Grand Prix Washington DC and will let you hear from people here at StarCityGames.com about how the event will work and what you can expect during your time in the nation’s capital.

This first edition is simply an overview to give you the rundown about #GPDC and start building the excitement for what’s going to be an awesome Team Sealed Grand Prix. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be going over main event and side event information, artists and cosplayers who will be in attendance, food and lodging options, and much more!

Gathering Your Allies

I’ve been playing Magic for over fifteen years (scary, I know!) and during that time, the most fun I’ve ever had was sitting side-by-side with teammates at a Team Sealed tournament. There’s just something about getting wins with my friends that really does it for me and if you know someone who has played in a Team Sealed tournament, they probably feel the same way. Team Sealed tournaments are fun, skill-testing, and show comraderie unlike anything else in this wonderful game that we play… and at #GPDC you’ll have the opportunity to experience all of those wonderful emotions while playing in the main event.

Later this week, I’ll be going over everything that’s included in the main event, but in the meantime, I highly recommend that you take the time to register today. Seats are filling up quick for #GPDC and I would hate to see you on the outside looking in.

What Else Ya Got?

Not interested in the Team Sealed main event, eh? I get it. Sometimes I like to fly solo as well. And if that’s the case, we’ve got plenty for you to do. Our Infinite Challenge badges continue to be a huge hit, so we’ve brought those back for #GPDC in both three-day and one-day varieties. I’ll have more on this option later this week, but if you can’t wait that long, you can learn more about our challenge schedule here.

Speaking of things we’re bringing back, our Commander Celebration at Grand Prix Atlanta was an enormous success, so at #GPDC we encourage you to bust out those 100-card decks once again because it’s time for the return of the Command Zone! I’ll be going over all that’s involved with the Command Zone later this week as well, but if you’re looking to rock some people like Justin Parnell does during Commander VS, register for your three-day Commander Celebration badge here!

A Motley Crew Brought An Old Friend

Playmats! I love ’em, you love ’em, the whole Magic community loves ’em. Playmats are a way for you to express yourself while also keeping those pricey cards in tip-top shape. And if you sign up for the Main Event or the Three-Day Infinite Challenge badge, you’ll be walking away with these three fine fighters!

Ondu War Cleric

Kor Sky Climber

Malakir Soothsayer

And if you purchase the Three-Day Commander Celebration badge? He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Zur the Enchanter

Our Guest Of Honor

One of the best parts of any Magic tournament? Special guests! Now we’ve got quite a few amazing guests lined up for Grand Prix Washington DC, but when Terese Nielsen is a part of the fun you know something special is going down. Terese brings almost two decades of work and hundreds of illustrations for the game we know and love, and it is her unique style that has won her fans all over the globe. From Force of Will to Eternal Witness and Life from the Loam to Rest in Peace, Terese Nielsen is one-of-a-kind when it comes to Magic artwork and it is our pleasure to say that she is the guest of honor for Grand Prix Washington DC.

What Tomorrow Brings

Grand Prix Washington DC is going to be an amazing event, so one little overview from yours truly simply isn’t going to be enough. Tomorrow I’ll be going over each of the registration options, the rewards that go along with them, and making sure that you know which one is the best option for you. See ya then!