April Fools Answers

All the dirty secrets are finally revealed!

Before I give you all the answers, I just wanted to hand out a big set of congratulations to all of our writers. Everyone did an outstanding job, whether it was spoofing one of their favorite writer’s styles, or coming as close as possible to the real thing. Feel free to tell us which ones were your favorites and which authors came as complete shocks in the forums, and thanks for playing along.

Knutson = The Ferrett

Krouner = Josh Bennett

Turian 1 = Gary Wise

Flores = Osyp Lebedowicz

Costa = Tony Costa

Tan = Abe Sargent

Rizzo = Chris Romeo

Wakefield = Mike Flores

Shuler = Nate Heiss

JP Meyer = Philip Stanton

Jahn = Peter Jahn

blisterguy = Pale Mage

Hoefling = Richie Proffitt

AskKen = Ted Knutson

Pale Mage = Laura Mills

Turian 2 = Antonino De Rosa