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The Ferrett is webmaster of StarCityGames.com. And he is so made of awesome he glows at night.

SCG Talent Search – Casual/Other Knockout Round 3

Tuesday, December 14th – Out of five writers, three have to exit stage left in an epic triple elimination. Pedro earned immunity this week, so who’s his lucky Top 8 partner…? John Beety? Dan Barrett? Or one of the Casual writers?

Why Magic Writing Matters

Tuesday, October 26th – It’s an argument that I’ve heard a million times: When it comes to Magic articles, the quality of writing doesn’t matter. Only tech does. I’m here to tell you why those arguments are wrong. (Plus, an update on the SCG Casual Talent Search!)

The Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease Dilemma

Monday, September 27th – The Prerelease brought a lot of tough decisions – not the least of which was where to play! See the store I played at! Read my evaluations of the new Scars cards! Envy my amazing card-opening skills!

Truck Driver Divorce

Friday, September 24th – Little did I know that when my friend B got divorced, he’d be taking my Magic group with him. Then again, he opted for the atomic bomb separation.

Insert Column Name Here: Zendikar – The First Impressions!

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Tuesday, September 29th – my initial impressions are that this seems to be a really tricky set. Alara Block seemed packed with mechanics that were powerful, but not particularly subtle — oh, you get more Exalted, you Unearth more creatures, you play more guys with five power! Whereas Zendikar feels like it’s just packed with very clever plays that reward very clever, alert players.

Insert Column Name Here: Planechase – The First Impressions!

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Tuesday, September 8th – I was eager to get out there and tussle it up with the new Chaos — er, I mean Plane cards. I wanted to see whether this new twist would resound with multiplayers around the world, or whether it’d just be some barely-played variant like Vanguard. So what’s the verdict?

Insert Column Name Here – M10 First Impressions!

Read The Ferrett every Monday... at StarCityGames.com! Monday, July 13th – On Saturday, I played M10 for eleven hours straight, making the finals of a twenty-five man tournament and then drafting an utterly horrid Blue deck that went 1-2. As usual, here are my impressions of the cards as I saw ‘em; some looked good and played poorly, others looked terrible but were better than expected.

Insert Column Name Here – Duels of the Planeswalkers Review

Read The Ferrett every Monday... at StarCityGames.com!
Friday, July 3rd – I missed my article last Monday. But that article was almost ghost-written by my boss, Pete – and it would have read like this:

The Ferrett, webmaster and long-time writer for this site, died on Tuesday evening due to complications arising from a burst appendix…