AuthorOsyp Lebedowicz

Osyp is one of Magic's most entertaining personalities and consistently strong players. In addition to winning Grand Prix Orlando and Pro Tour Venice, Osyp finished 7th at Pro Tour Osaka, 2nd at Grand Prix Washington DC, 10th at Pro Tour Columbus, 5th at Grand Prix Boston, and 5th at Pro Tour Honolulu.

Naya Love Me

Osyp Lebedowicz tells you about the Naya deck that he recently played to a PTQ win and why you should consider it for SCG Standard Open: Baltimore.

Untold Legends – Pro Tour New Orleans 2003

Thursday, November 4th – Judging from his Magic writing portfolio, he would’ve had a career as a best-selling author of fiction if he hadn’t chosen to be a “marketing analyst” instead. Same thing, I guess. Osyp Lebedowicz tells you about PT New Orleans.

The Seven Stages of Grief

Wednesday, November 3rd – Osyp enters a journey of self-discovery. In it, he resorts to playing Mono-Red at a GP, watches friends surpass him on the Tour, and resolves to keep playing despite it all.

Feature Article – The Black Perspective: A Pro Tour and a Grand Prix

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Osyp “Joe Black” Lebedowicz is no stranger to high-level competition. However, he’s not attended many events of late, for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, the two-week period that held Grand Prix: Montreal and Pro Tour: San Diego proved too much to resist, and today Osyp takes us through each event! He spins his usual tall tales, and brings us the latest build of his innovative G/W Tarmogoyf Block deck…

The Black Perspective – The Pro Players Club

Jamie is currently on holiday — he’ll be back next week — but in his place we have a real treat from Osyp “Joe Black” Lebedowicz. He brings us a rundown of his experiences in Pro Tour: Geneva, in which he placed a creditable 30th, and follows it with an irreverent and hilarious look at the Stars of Pro Tour: Geneva, a la Rich Hagon. Remember folks, it’s all in good humor…

The Black Perspective: Sliding Into The Extended Metagame

Joe Black wades into the Extended metagame debate with an interesting take on a tried-and-tested formula: Green/White Astral Slide. Decks based on the cycling mechanic have a number of inherent advantages, and cards such as Eternal Witness and Loxodon Hierarch bring a number of strategies and defenses to the table. Add to this robustness a powerful lock, and you’ve got a deck with the strength to take on all comers. Looking for an Extended deck for your next PTQ? Osyp has the answer…

The Black Perspective: That Other Standard Article!

Put your Champs deck to the test at the StarCityGames.com $1500 Standard Open!

Today, we have more Standard decks from the mouth of Joe Black himself! The last time he wrote, he took a look at some decks that were popular archetypes back in the day that got a boost thanks to Time Spiral. This time around, he looks at three decks that are completely new and utilize some of the cooler mechanics from Time Spiral.

The Black Perspective: That Standard Article!

Time Spiral is virtually here, and it’s time to turn our eye to the coming Standard rotation. Joe Black, a lover of Constructed since time immemorial, presents three Time Spiral Standard decklists for our perusal and approval. Standard Champs are just around the corner… could your all-conquering sixty-card behemoth be lurking somewhere in Osyp’s fevered mind? Read on to find out!

The Black Perspective: That Legacy Article!

Joe Black has been absent of late… he faced a writing conundrum. What does a self-confessed Constructed junkie write about when mired in a sea of Limited Magic? Thankfully, Osyp found solace in a 100+ player Legacy event… today he shares his thoughts on the format, plus his decklist of choice. As if this weren’t enough, he also shares some of the aborted articles he began in his creative drought, with his customary irreverent style…

SCG Daily – Ask Joe Black: 2001-2002 Season

When I was asked to write a daily series this week I was hard pressed to come up with an idea that could top Billy Moreno’s insane ramblings. However, I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately and it seemed like a trip in the way-back machine could be interesting… Each day this week I’ll take a look at the past Pro Tour seasons, starting with my rookie year, the 2001-2002 season.

The Black Perspective: Winning A PTQ With B/W Husk

Joe Black (plus team) takes to the PTQ dancefloor, high-kicking with a Black/White Husk deck that slipped beneath the Pro Tour Honolulu Radar. Most opponents were shocked to see him there: after all, the man’s a PT staple. Armed with Husk, Osyp and friends took the whole hill o’ beans. Read on for the the low-down on what Osyp and Olivier Ruel call the current Best Deck in Standard…