Geordie Tait’s Anagram Game – Week 2

This week Geordie drastically increases the difficulty, as he hits the meanest of the Green, including”13. Elite Dungheap.” Don’t miss it!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second edition of Geordie Tait anagram game. A few things have changed since last week, and I’ll run them down for you now.


a) The anagram game is about one hundred more difficult this time. You’ll need all the help you can get to solve it! I can’t stress this enough. It is much more difficult.

b) Because the winner can’t be judged accurately in the forums, I’d ask that you email me ([email protected]) the full list of answers instead so we can judge the winner! Feel free to kick ideas around in the forums, too – just remember that by doing so, you might give someone else a leg up!

c) The first person to mail me a complete list of correct answers will be the victor, and be immortalized in the Anagram Game Hall Of Fame! (My apologies to last week’s winners, but the contest was easy and the forums allowed for too much cheating! So the hall is going to start fresh!) If it was a group effort, make sure you specify the name of the group in question when you send the answers!

d) I double checked everything, but mistakes do happen. If an anagram turns out to be tainted or incorrect, it is disqualified from the contest. Remember that all punctuation in the anagram is my own, and not part of the card title.

Anagram Info

The anagrams below are comprised of one green card from each tournament legal set ever printed, with the following exceptions:

  • Alpha/Beta/Unlimited count as one set

  • Revised/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th have been excluded

  • Unglued has been excluded (not tournament legal, but just to clarify)

  • Darksteel has been excluded

In addition, there is one anagram that isn’t a card at all, it’s in there just to throw you off. You must correctly identify this decoy anagram in your list of answers. Keep in mind that many cards have appeared in multiple sets. So if, for example, we were doing Blue and I decided to make an anagram of Memory Lapse, you wouldn’t know if it was the Homelands entry or the Mirage entry until you find the second half of the puzzle.

1. A Fourth Is Odd

2. A Freakish Crown

3. A Gaunt Granola Girl

4. A Pirouette

5. Autobahn Lovers

6. Balls Of Owl Moss

7. Biased Pros: Farid

8. Cold Green Imp

9. Crematorial Mourners

10. Darned Ivy!

11. Disk Opener

12. Ed’s Writer Test

13. Elite Dungheap

14. Formal Puzzles

15. Genesis Gas Lab

16. Hug Donor

17. I Exalt Porno

18. Is Stagnation

19. LPD:”Misetings Beats Weed”

20. Milled Wrong

21. Moral Debts

22. My! Osyp Lied, OMC Bent It!

23. Neat Flit Gun

24. Nefarious Herring

25. Run, A Gamer Giggled!

26. Table Scrapers

27. Temporal Teabag Stench

28. The Kart Roms

29. U/G: Mortar N’ War

30. Violated Hurdler

31. Virile Ranting

32. Whoops! Faded Sleeve!

Send your answers to the [email protected]! First person to send me the full list wins! If no one can send me the full list, then the person who sends me the highest number of answers will be the victor, and have his or her name splashed all over the Front Page of StarCity (I’ll have Ted put it in the article teaser for next week’s game!)

Best wishes, and have fun!



PS: If there is ever a prize issued for this, it will be retroactive for all winners. That means if you win during a week with no prize, and a few weeks down the road I decide to make a deal with Pete to offer some store credit for this, I will track you down and be sure you get the prize. So don’t exclude yourself because you’re waiting for the big money to roll in! As Ferrett would say,”go to, folks!”