AuthorGeordie Tait

Geordie Tait began playing Magic in 1998, and went on to become one of the most popular StarCityGames.com columnists in the site's history. After a brief hiatus from the game, Geordie is back, and better than ever.

To My Someday Daughter

Hi, kiddo. This is your father. You haven’t been born yet (you haven’t even been conceived yet!), but Daddy is writing you this letter anyway to apologize to you.


Thursday, February 10 – A lot of you have probably asked yourself this question after winning a match of Magic: “Do I GG, or do I not GG?” I’m here to try to help you answer that question. I’m presenting the GG Guidelines.

A Flavor Review Of Mirrodin Besieged

Friday, February 4 – Geordie Tait does his own set review – but you’ll find little strategic content within – Geordie reviews the flavor of Mirrodin Besieged and evaluates what went right and what went horribly wrong.

One-Shot the Robot

Tuesday, January 25th – Geordie Tait talks about one card in Mirrodin Besieged that Maro has called the “poster child of Phyrexian corruption of Mirrodin.” Was it inspired or a hack design?

ME 4 Release Rundown!

Wednesday, January 19th – With the release of Master’s Edition 4 on Magic Online, it’s becoming a popular draft format and a good way to pick up those Libraries of Alexandria. Geordie Tait gives you an overview.

Oh Look, A Bar Of Soap

Monday, January 10th – I don’t know what it is about Rootwater Alligator, but people in the TSE queues constantly make mistakes against him, throwing games away like Lindsay Lohan discarding a court-ordered tracking anklet.

On The Case

Friday, December 31st – Hi, I’m Geordie Tait, and I recently won a 361-man Scars Sealed Deck event on Magic Online. Just getting that out of the way — I tell this to everyone I meet. But I’ll show you the new Robert Frowney, Jr. adventure as he investigates a mysterious blowout….

What’s In A Name?

Thursday, December 16th – Everything Geordie Tait touches on in his articles turns to gold, and this is no exception. You’ll never look at Kamigawa block the same way again.

I’m Not Casual, I’m Grind-Adjacent

Tuesday, November 30th – Are you a casual player? Am I? What is a casual player? Geordie Tait investigates these questions, as he tries to find the “casual player” in himself.

Fun With Forgemaster Red

Wednesday, November 24th – Geordie brews for Standard, and after four well-intentioned but failed attempts, he arrives at something… dare we say? Decent? Check out the deck built around Kuldotha Forgemaster.

The Mods Will Not Save You

Tuesday, November 16th – This week I thought I’d talk a little bit about writing, the effect it can have, and how writers interact with the communities they address. Here are three things I think Magic writers need to do in order to be happy and productive.

Just Another Dead Bonsai

Tuesday, November 9th – The most beautiful things look easy and simple yet also come out of long hours of painstaking work. Take the bonsai tree, for instance…

18 Ways To Improve Magic Online

Thursday, October 28th – It may be about time for some major updates to MODO, wouldn’t you agree? Geordie Tait provides 18 fixes to current MODO functionality, including online Cube and online Mental Magic!

The Puck Stops Here

Wednesday, October 20th – If you’ve ever opened an article by a great Magic theorist, and looked at the list, and said to yourself, “There’s no way I can afford to build this,” this article is for you.

Flavor Soup For The Soul

Thursday, October 14th – Many times in my career as a content writer, I’ve felt haunted, tortured by the same dream every night. A dream filled with corpulent cash-money shades, their lurking forms slipping into my bedroom between door and jamb.