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The Daily Shot: My Smoedipus Complex

When I get my first box of Onslaught and I open this card, I’m going to put on some Teddy P or Barry White, turn off the lights, light a candle, and – when I’m sure no one is looking – Smother and I are going to knock the proverbial boots. I know the card is a little underage, but that’s no problem: I’ll just go to a Kentucky prerelease.

The Daily Shot: Where Did I Go Wrong?

A poor performance doesn’t always reflect opportunities that were missed, or mistakes that were made. Sometimes a 2-3 is just a 2-3, and it’s as simple as that. But where could I have made a mistake? Let me look closer.

OBC Worlds: Looking At The Top W/G Decks

So Worlds has passed us a few weeks into the PT: Houston qualifying season, and we now get the benefit of seeing what the Pros felt were the best decks in the format. Can we take a look at the stats and try to feel out why – and where W/G did well?

The Daily Shot: The Eight Finest Magic Writers

Here are eight guys you should read. Read as many of them as you can, and you’ll be taking in the best that internet Magic writing has to offer. These are the guys you absolutely should not do without; not if you call yourself a fan of the game, and of the written word.

Wonderboy: An Attempt To Link Tenacious D To OBC

By now, you’re maybe thinking,”How can a three-color deck make Wonder work?” Or maybe you’re thinking,”Hey, that blisterguy is a mad, hotty MC hottison.” And you’d be right. But maybe you’re thinking,”Mmmm. Oprah, whipped cream, and two flavors of catfood. Me like!”, in which case you need help. Soon.

Double Or Nothing: I Need Wrath Of God!

Okay, you got us: Technically, this is a tourney report. But realistically, Jim does such a fine job deconstructing why his UZI ‘Tog deck fails in OBC that we felt we just had to put it here. What separates the winning ‘Tog decks from the losing builds?

The Daily Shot: The Walamies Deck

This is just a thing of beauty. I’m still learning to play it, and I’m not sure how the sideboard works against Monoblack just yet (it’s a tough matchup), but I’ve just crushed the U/G and W/G decks I’ve played against. Let me tell you what I’ve learned about the deck from about thirty test games.

Magic Online: The Terms Of Service

Have you ever read the MOL Terms of Service? Do you know that, legally speaking, you don’t own the cards – even though you’ve paid money for the packs? Abe dissects the ToS and finds some legalese you might want to think about before you play.

Yawgmoth’s Whimsy #42: Swinging in Type 1

Remember – in Type One, the Power Nine aren’t what kill you; it’s what you cast with the Power Nine that destroys. Want to know the most common cards that can turn any losing proposition into a rout?

CASUAL FRIDAYS #137: Alpha Males

Lots of stuff I want to talk about this week – some new decks, how Magic players act, my dog, how writers write, my various neuroses – and it all comes back to the Alpha Kavu. Or maybe another card.

You CAN Play Type I #53: The Nantuko Conspiracy

you have to critically determine which games are won due to Shade and which are due to,”Hymn, Hymn, I win!” The variants are very close in terms of cards used, play the same strategy, and you have to base your judgment only in the games where the changes made an impact. Obviously, it’ll take people a while to notice something… And even longer to decide if there’s a problem.

Who Plays Rootwallas Anymore?: Dave’s PTQ-Houston Report

I’d settled into mono-black, as we’d gotten a version that we felt could handle U/G and wasn’t that bad against G/W either. I’d started with the strangler-heavy”Snarf Black” and morphed it into this version, called”Desperado.” Originally it was”Disco Strangler,” but when I took the stranglers out, I needed a new Eagles song to use.