AuthorGadiel Szleifer

Gadiel finished 46th at Pro Tour San Diego, 7th at Pro Tour Seattle, 5th at Pro Tour Columbus, 1st at Grand Prix Chicago (as a member of Team :B), 1st at Pro Tour Philadelphia and 6th at Grand Prix: Salt Lake City. He is currently one of the hottest young pros in the game.

My Foreign Nationals – A Swedish Nationals Report

This year, for reasons he explains in the article, Gadiel took part in the Swedish National Championships. His story is as strange as they come, and his performance was strong… but did he make it to the hallowed Top 8? As usual, Gadiel’s writing is prickly, intelligent, and funny. The best players, and writers, only at StarCityGames.com!

Not A Feature Match: A Grand Prix Richmond Report *9th*

[Although this article originally ran as part of yesterday’s update, scheduling issues resulted in it being posted several hours late. We present it again today, for anyone who may have missed it. – Craig]

Gadiel is back. Today, he shares his highs and lows from Grand Prix Richmond. Is he annoyed at his final placing? Does he rant and rage against the folks he faced? What does he make of the crop of Magic cheaters unearthed at the tournament? Love him or hate him, the answers lie within…

The Year in Review and Preview

For a while now, I’ve thought it to be fun and profitable to make predictions and look back on how right or wrong you are. Seeing as how I have this magnificent bully pulpit here at StarCityGames, I thought that this year I’d come out and share my predictions with you. As an added bonus, you get to see how well I did in a few predictions last year and an overall analysis of, well, what went down in 2005.

Attacking is the Nut Low – A Worlds 2005 Report

Gadiel admittedly failed to prepare much for Worlds, yet he still found himself in contention with one day left to go. How did the wheels fall off, how does Gadiel feel about it, and what strong words does he have for himself and just about everyone else? Check it out in part 1 of this very thoughtful report.

Analyzing the New Extended

Gadiel dissects the many Extended archetypes seen at Pro Tour Los Angeles, then follows it up with his recommendation for the current PTQ season.

My Grand Prix: Salt Lake City Report *T8*

In this whopper of a tournament report, Gadiel thoroughly recaps his Grand Prix: Salt Lake City T8 journey, answers some key strategy questions and speaks on a series of hotbutton issues that are sure to have people talking!

Big Snips in London, Part 2

The controversial Mr. Szleifer returns with the conclusion of his London report, which includes more than a little discussion of bad beats, getting smashed by Nicolai Herzog, and a hint of self-reflection. Love him or hate him, this sixteen-year-old Pro Tour winner certainly gets a reaction out of his readers.

Big Snips in London, Day 1

Me, I’m an honest guy. Last time I regaled you with stories about winning a Pro Tour. Sadly, you don’t always win. That’s why this time I’m here to tell you about losing matches. Lots of them. Seven. In the same tournament, actually. That’s right, folks, this one is all about my miserable spiraling downfall from first to eightieth in just one Pro Tour.

A Little About A Lot

The most recent Pro Tour winner has something to say about everything including what deck you should play for Regionals, what deck you should not play for Block season, what colors are good in Saviors of Kamigawa Limited, and who should get into the Hall of Fame.

Jumping on the Bearlwagon or How I Won the Pro Tour, Part 2

Gadiel wraps up the tale of his Pro Tour victory with the inside scoop on the events of Day 2 right through the finals, including some stark refutations of what the commentators thought he should be doing versus what the right play actually was. This article is worthwhile for the Flores and Buehler beatings alone!

Casual Happy Fun Drafts

Magic’s teenage bad boy checks with some Betrayers strategies he learned after scrubbing out of Pro Tour: Nagoya, details of a no-holds-barred Team Rochester battle between the champions of two continents, and some stories of happy, fun drafts among the pros.

*Warning* Please do not taunt happy, fun draft.