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Whose Number Two?

Mister Boydell comes from behind to win the tournament! Wait, he doesn’t come from behind… but SOMETHING does…

The Worst Tournament Report, Ever

Check out these two snips from GP: NO match coverage on the Sideboard by "Randy" (1/06/01): "Twelve players were 6-0 going into the last round on Saturday. Seven of them were playing blue/black/red." "Zvi followed "the rule" for this format and built a blue/black/red Sealed deck." Then check out this credenza: "Black/blue/red was my agenda…Akron,…

The Sociology of Magic: A Scientific Study

Hello everyone in netland! This time, I thought I’d tackle an issue that has gone virtually unexplored: The sociology of Magic. What kind of people does it attract? What are their behaviours? What about the role of women in Magic? That of consumption? All the above issues were carefully analyzed and put into a thesis…


In a tasty morsel for rookie players, Anthony tracks some early games of a newly spawned playgroup in his hometown. PLUS, see Anthony get ditched by a girl back in high school!