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How To Get Ready For The Coming Onslaught, Part 5

The cost for Wall of Mulch’s activated ability should just be”G, Sacrifice Wall of Mulch” – unless you plan on playing with eight or twelve or sixteen walls. If you do, let me know where you’re playing; I need a bye in round one.

Camouflage Multiplayer Tactics: The Five Keys To Being Ignored

Anthony Alongi doesn’t get it. Sam Zitin doesn’t get it. Stijn van Dongen doesn’t get it. Tom Fenwick doesn’t get it. Robert Taylor doesn’t get it. Andrew Healy sort of gets it, but not really. I think Peter Jahn gets it, but he doesn’t write about it. I thought Tim Ward was going to get it, but then he lost it. The Ferrett gets it, but he hasn’t reminded anyone about it in over a year.

Yawgmoth’s Whimsy #48: Beast Attack!

Jay Schneider starts every new Constructed season with a mono-red Sligh or beatdown deck; Zvi starts with a new version of Turboland. I start with some overpriced fatties build – mainly to get it out of my system. And this time, I wanted to work with Contested Cliffs.

Onslaught – I Bet You Never Saw This Coming!

Even though the Sealed format is sometimes dragged down by ridiculous rares, the draft format may be the most interesting draft format ever. In drafting strategy, the power of Tribes outweighs many of the broken rares in the set.

New Blood: Onslaught’s Effects On Five Color

Now, we need a Five-Color review of every single card like I need a gastroendectomy. The very casual nature of Five suggests that any card can be used at any time, so be ready. What I would like to focus on are cards that I would not be surprised to see playing against at our next Five Color game night. These cards could make a significant impact in Five – or at least may be worth more investigation.

The Daily Shot: Pro Tour – Boston Roundup

Here, Aaron Forsythe is saying,”Yeah, Phoenix Foundation is pretty good, but here’s what I would have done.”
Any illusions that I once had about being able to do Aaron Forsythe’s job, even a little, have been shattered like so many cheap trinkets falling off the back of a truck

Double or Nothing: Breaking the Tie

At some point, you’ve probably been at a Magic tournament staring at a list of standings: Maybe you’ve won all your games, but for some reason you’re not number one. You ask around and a helpful soul takes a look:”Your tiebreakers are awful!” You’re left staring at rows and rows of decimals; somehow they determine your position… But how?

The Daily Shot: Behold Laura Mills’ Deck!

Down the road, when great asshammerings are talked about, in hushed tones, over stout mahogany tables littered with historical documents detailing the asshammerings of old, when venerable breath pushes the word”asshammering” past aged lips, this is the asshammering that will outshine them all; the asshammering by which all other prior and subsequent asshammerings will be judged.

The Real Story Behind Onslaught

I found so many Judgment flavor texts that stated nearly blatant falsehoods, at least according to the book Judgment (upon which we can only rely for the”truth” about the storyline). Similarly, there are some incongruities in Onslaught.


It’s over. OBC, thank God in heavens, is dead and finished. So why are we publishing this report? Well, for two reasons: One, SHELDON’S BACK FROM SAUDI ARABIA AND WRITING! Secondly, not only is it a report, but it’s also a handy primer on the cards that Sheldon played with! So how’d he do?