Popular MTG YouTube Channel Accidently Leaks Descriptions Of Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Cards

Descriptions of 10 cards potentially from MTG – Assassin’s Creed, revealed early

Over the weekend, a series of card descriptions appearing to be from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering collaboration with Assassin’s Creed were accidently shared publicly to the popular deckbuilding website, Archidekt, by The Command Zone.

Reddit user Gauwal shared a post to the MTG Rumors subreddit showing a screenshot of an Archidekt list containing 10 cards, along with brief descriptions of each. While most leaks have at least some questionable qualities, this one comes from one of the largest Commander-focused Magic YouTube channels – The Command Zone. As is common practice with upcoming Magic releases, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) will send content creators exclusive preview cards to be revealed on a scheduled date. In the case of Commander previews, there are often multiple cards provided, if not entire decklists. Based on this information, it’s likely that a decklist was being made for a future episode of the popular Game Knights series, and the privacy of the list was accidently set to public.

While no images of the physical cards were leaked, the limited descriptions give us an idea of what to expect. Adding additional credibility to the leak, one the 10 cards is The Animus, a card already previewed from Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed. A sharp-eyed Redditor also pointed out that the URL in the screenshot mentions Altair, another card from the set that has already been previewed, and likely points at these cards fitting into Mardu colors.

You can view the screenshot with the card descriptions below.