AuthorJoshua Claytor

Joshua Claytor is a former writer for Scrye Magazine, and the 2004 Kentucky State Standard Champion. Joshua has reached the Top 8 in numerous PTQ's, in addition to making the Top 8 in Kentucky states since 2003.

Food for Thought: Two More Mono-Colored Decks

Joshua continues his unconventional look at mono-colored strategies in the current Standard metagame. We’ve had Green and Black… today’s offerings are White and Red. Is the mono-colored strategy a real contender in this multicolored Magical age?

Food For Thought — Mono-Color in Standard, Part 1

We have a lot of options in the current Standard metagame, especially in regard to the creation of colored mana. Indeed, the plethora of incredible multicolored lands at our disposal makes playing a mono-colored deck little more than Magical suicide… or does it? Joshua Claytor begs to differ…

Fading Into Standard

The winner of the StarCityGames.com 1K Open tournament is one that I did not expect… and to be honest, I’d dismissed it. Fader seemed to me like it was a one-hit wonder (much like Solar Pox was, in my mind at least), winning a few State championships and falling off the face of Standard.

I was wrong.

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 9 – My Deck for the Kentucky State Champs

We’re a few short days away from Champs, and everyone should be settling in on a deck choice, be it Flores hot new tech, one of the very good decks from the StarCityGames event, or a unique homebrew. I’ve had my deck for a few weeks now. I’ve been tuning it, trying to make it hum against what I expect the metagame to be in Kentucky. I’m excited for the event; after three tests on Friday, I get a weekend to relax and see if I can run my streak of top 8 finishes in the state to a fourth year…

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 8 – The Control Decks

We are going to look at the control decks of the format today. I feel that these decks are going to have a huge part of the Champs environment (when has control been weak?). We get many solid cards from Time Spiral for the control strategies, and these decks are where I have spent the bulk of my testing time. I am a control player at heart, and I feel that I know this style a lot better than I know the aggressive decks or the tempo decks.

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 7 – The Tempo Decks

What exactly is a tempo deck? My own definition is more then likely a simple one, and it can be put up for debate. I feel that a tempo deck is any of many decks that use a creature beatdown strategy and back up those men with something else besides burn spells. It may be hand disruption, countermagic, or land denial.

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 6 – The Beatdown Decks

Today’s article deals with the beatdown decks of the format. Traditionally, new formats are defined by the beatdown decks, and if you cannot deal with some of these (Zoo, Gruul, Sand Burn) then your deck may not be the best bet to play for the tournament. Other decks are a little more left-of-center (Mono Green, Dark Boros), and you could be well suited being prepared for them, at the very least.

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 5

In the fifth installment of his entertaining series, Joshua brings us a rundown of the Champions-free Ravnica Block Constructed decks that may see play in some form at the coming Standard Champs tournaments. Next week, JXC moves onto deck ideas and archetypes involving Time Spiral cards… stay tuned!

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 4

Joshua Claytor continues his comprehensive series, examining the current Standard workhorses and producing updated (and Kamigawa-free) “skeleton” version for preliminary Champs testing. This particular article delivers some of the decks operating on the fringe of the current metagame…

The Great Champs Experiment: Part 3

Josh continues his enlightening series on the Standard metagame both pre- and post-Time Spiral. Today, he tackles a number of the stronger archetypes in the current Standard, presenting updated non-Champions skeleton builds in preparation for the coming of the new set.

The Great Champs Experiment: Introduction and Part 1

Josh embarks on an epic series examining the current decks in the Standard metagame, looking at what they’re set to lose in the next rotation. He shares some skeleton builds that could make up the metagame come Standard Champs; excellent preparation for those wanting an edge on their local field.

SCG Daily – Transmuting Your Way to Winning

I’m going to present another raw decklist here, and this time we are going to take a look at removing your opponent’s best resource for winning. I love Millstone, and all the related cards, but sometimes they do not get enough respect. Seeing that we are looking at adding a transmute theme, we might as well run with the Dimir guild and see where we can go.