Dusk Till Dawn Previews Include Light Gem Fable, 8 Legendary Cards, and 3 New Heroes

Take a look at the marquee cards you’ll want to open and meet the new heroes in the upcoming Flesh and Blood set

Funeral Moon illustrated by Carlos Cruchaga

Flesh and Blood’s 10th expansion, Dusk till Dawn, comes out next Friday. Almost all of the cards have been previewed, including the fable, eight legendary cards, new heroes, and more. Check them out below.


The Fable from the set is another Gem, this time a Light Resource named Light of Sol!

This legendary, yellow Gem can be pitched for two resources. Then you reveal the top card of your deck and if it is a yellow card, you may put it in your hero’s soul. Light of Sol is the seventh Gem in Flesh and Blood, and the fifth class-specific Gem following Plague Hive, Blood of the Dracai, Grandeur of Valahai, and Arknight Shard.


Dusk till Dawn features eight Legendary cards — seven new and one reprint. Levia, Redeemed/Blasmophet, Levia Consumed is a double-faced Levia Specialization that stays in your inventory until it is time to turn your hero into this new Shadow Demi-Hero. Pick which side best suits your needs at the time.

Crown of Providence gets its first reprint since debuting in Uprising. The remaining six new Legendary cards are all new pieces of equipment. Three chest pieces ranging from Light Illusionist, Runeblade, and Light Warrior join the armory along with headpieces for Illusionist and Brute, and an armpiece for Warrior.


Dusk till Dawn introduces three heroes, including the long-awaited new versions of Prism. Prism fans get not only a new young version in Prism, Advent of Thrones, but an adult version in Prism, Awakener of Sol. Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light still awaits the Living Legend format, but the Light Illusionist returns with versions made for Classic Constructed and Blitz.

Vynnset, Iron Maiden and the young version brings a new Shadow Runeblade hero to the game. Don’t forget your Runechant tokens!

The release date for Dusk Till Dawn is July 14.