Bull’s Eye Bracers Banned In Classic Constructed, Oldhim Officially A Living Legend

Monday’s Flesh and Blood Banned & Suspended announcement nerfs Rangers and says goodbye to Oldhim

Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Legend Story Studios published its scheduled Banned & Suspended announcement for Flesh and Blood on Monday, banning two cards and saying goodbye to Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity in Classic Constructed.

Bull’s Eye Bracers was the most notable card to get hit with the ban hammer, removing a powerful tool from the arsenal of Rangers in Classic Constructed. Outsiders gave the Rangers multiple key cards to become major players in Classic Constructed, with Lexi, Livewire shooting to the top of the meta. With Oldhim, one of the top heroes that can keep the Rangers in check, leaving the format due to hitting Living Legend, the banning of the powerful piece of equipment will keep Lexi from having her strongest possible turns.

LSS saw Lexi’s ceiling being too high with Bracers and the lack of Oldhim in the format, so it is preemptively taking out the equipment from Arcane Rising. The article did mention, however, that if the banning of Bull’s Eye Bracers is too harsh of a hit to the Rangers that LSS could revert the ban later.

Bloodsheath Skeleta was already on the suspended list until Viserai, Rune Blood reached Living Legend, but LSS went ahead and banned the card because it was too powerful and hampered future design for Runeblade heroes.

With Oldhim leaving Classic Constructed, Pulse of Isenloft returns to the format from its stint on the suspended list.

While Pulse of Isenloft can come back to Classic Constructed with Oldhim’s departure, Awakening will remain banned. LSS is uncomfortable with the uncapped resource generation the Elemental Guardian Instant could create. Specifically, LSS doesn’t want a card to be able to make resources and tutor for Pulverize in the current state of the game.

Finally, Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity and his weapon, Winter’s Wail, are officially retired in Classic Constructed, surpassing the 1,000 Living Legend points needed to exit the format.

Briar, Warden of Thorns is next on the Living Legend watch list, sitting at 998 points following Monday’s Banned & Suspended announcement.

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