AuthorTed Knutson

Ted Knutson is the former Managing Editor of StarCityGames.com and is widely respected as one of the most knowledgable members of the Magic community.

Next Level Spec

In a new financial series, Ted Knutson demonstrates how the Magic Online market is ripe for the pickings—if you play your cards right. Read how to make some smart investments, and let him know your heart’s desires.

SCG Talent Search – Top Six Knock Out!

Friday, February 4 – It has been such a long journey for many of these writers, some of whom have already been voted off yet became regular columnists anyway! What is the fate for the last six standing?

Mixed kNuts – Our New Control Overlords

Friday, December 10th – Ted analyzes the Worlds metagame and the potential takeover of blue decks. He discusses Brian Kibler’s Caw-Go, Wafo-Tapa’s U/B, Elves in Standard, and he finishes with Quotable Quotes from ‘kaib.’

Mixed kNuts: Angels and G-Waves

Thursday, December 2nd – It’s been a long time coming – in his first strategy article in four years, Teddy CardGame delivers. He discusses a rogue G/W Genesis Wave deck and ends with an epic rant on whether WotC hates their customers.

SCG Talent Search – Limited Knockout Round 2

Monday, November 22nd – There are four contestants up for elimination this time around, and competition is getting tight. The judges see overall improvement, but someone still has to get kicked off the island…

SCG Talent Search – Limited Knockout Round 1

Friday, November 5th – Our first elimination for the StarCityGames.com Talent Search happens today, folks. Prepare to shed tears of joy… and tears of sadness. Congratulations to winners; consolations to the loser…

Untold Legends… The Return

Monday, November 1st – This week Ted re-introduces the world to Jeff Cunningham’s Untold Legends of the Million Dollar Pro Tour… The best storytellers in Magic come back for a look at Magic’s storied past!

Conversations – I Never Promised You a Rosewater, Part 1

Tuesday, October 12th – When I started working on this series back in the summer, the final person I wanted to talk to was a wildcard I had no idea if I’d be able to get. Thankfully, I didn’t need to recruit him very hard – he came to me.

The 2010 Talent Search Details!

Monday, October 11th – I get a little choked up when I think of everything the game has given me, and it all happened because I entered an article submission contest back in 2002. Now it’s your turn.

Now Announcing: The 2010 Talent Search!

Monday, October 4th – This site got its start from readers like you submitting their thoughts to Ye Olde Editor for publication. It was the constant influx of new blood and new ideas that helped nurture StarCityGames.com into one of the cornerstones of the Magic community.

A Letter From The Editor Emeritus

Monday, September 13th – Free Kai. Free Premium. Free Jace. Big changes are afoot at StarCityGames.com, and we guarantee you’ll want to read this article now.

Conversations – Stuck in the Middle with Rizzo

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Wednesday, August 11th – Welcome to my new series, called ‘Conversations.’ The idea is to check back in with some of the authors of Magic’s great articles, discuss some of their most notable works, and pick their brains for whatever else is on their minds. Simple in concept, simple in execution, and hopefully educating and entertaining along the way.