AuthorTed Knutson

Ted Knutson is the former Managing Editor of StarCityGames.com and is widely respected as one of the most knowledgable members of the Magic community.

Mixed kNuts: Boring, Boring Psychatog

I’ve played my deck in tournaments three times since Regionals – and won them all. I stopped playing it when people started bitching about the deck… And did I mention that it beats Tog consistently and sideboards to make that beating as regular as my grandma on Metamucil?

Mixed kNuts: All Aboard the Magical History Tour!

Why does Scott Johns think You Suck? Teddie Kneutered asks the question, and applies it to his playstyle, showing you the mistakes he’s made and how he’s raised his rating. While he’s at it, he hates my stupid nicknames for him – and is willing to pony up some good cards to have you create one! Oh, and badger testicles.

Mixed kNuts: SpongeJohn SquareNash

How does advanced game theory and trying to pick up a blonde apply to Rochester Draft? While discussing a half-naked Padme, the Knutster shows you theories of cooperative gaming and how they apply to drafts.

Mixed kNuts: Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho! A Pirate’s Life For Me!

ARRR! Ted celebrates his ascension to a StarCity Featured Writer by giving an excellent”How-To” Guide on being effectively rogue. Sure, you can be rogue and still suck… But how do you turn your suck rogue decks into tourney-smashing winners?

Mixed kNuts: Calm Like a Bong*, **, ***

A first in Magic-writing history! The Knutster discusses marijuana, Magic’s connection with the evil drug, and whether R&D were smoking it when they printed Quiet Speculation. Are you a pothead? Could be.