AuthorJim Davis

Jim Davis is a fifteen year Magic veteran with accomplishments at every level of organized play. He spent the the late 2000s playing on the Pro Tour, and after taking a few years away from the game he reemerged as one of the most accomplished players on the SCG Tour. After winning the 2015 Players' Championship Jim took on Magic full-time and now travels to events as part of Team BCW, produces content both here on Starcitygames.com and on YouTube, streams, and coaches.

My Mistakes At SCG Dallas

Jim Davis came heartbreakingly close to the Top 8 at SCG Dallas! Today he goes over the biggest mistakes he made so you’ll have a chance not to repeat them.

Bringing “The Chuckler”

Jim Davis takes on the pernicious yet pervasive idea that decks like B/R Reanimator are “bad” or unworthy of being played by serious players! It takes special skills to play a “Chuckler” deck to a high finish, and he’s your guide just in time for SCG Worcester!

The Winners And Losers With The Unbans

Not all cards are taking the news of Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, the Mind Sculptor equally! Jim has a great roster of those celebrating and those mourning! SCG Indy may be the last hurrah for some of these staples!

Five Predictions For Pro Tour Rivals Of Ixalan

Jim Davis has been on a pretty good run with his Pro Tour predictions! But with Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan bringing Modern to the big stage for the first time in years, can Jim keep the streak going in Spain?

Don’t Win…Just Don’t Lose!

Jim Davis loves control. Jim Davis loves the Legacy Lands deck. He has found something for SCG Philly Standard that delights him! So how do you win with it? It’s simple: don’t!

What’s Old Is New Again: Bringing Back Heroic

Jim Davis is head over heels for this deck! As many different Standard ideas are on the table, this is something brand new! Well, sort of. It brings back a strategy from the Theros days! Is this an SCG Dallas sleeper hit?

One-Drops Are The Best Drops

No aggressive tribal deck is complete without a suite of quality one-drops. Jim Davis sings their praises as he examines what the offerings in Rivals of Ixalan might unlock!

From Mer-Joke To Mer-Broke

Look out! The Merfolk are angry! Fish fans everywhere are celebrating the new previews featuring lots of fins destined for wins! Jim Davis explains why you should put the Dinos down and get in the water!

The Top Twelve Cube Cards Of 2017

Jim Davis took a little break from competitive play, but that’s given him time to relax with one of his favorite Magic formats: Cube! Today he breaks down his favorite new additions from 2017.

The Complete Guide To Modern G/B Tron

Jim Davis had hoped to keep Tron his little secret to Modern success. So much for that! Instead, he’s sharing his knowledge in the most comprehensive guide you’ll find this side of Christmas!

Four Cards That Are Secretly Excellent In Standard

Temur Energy, Temur Energy, Temur Energy. Standard’s looking pretty stale…wait, what’s this? A glimmer of hope? Turns out the format is littered with cards and decks that just need one or two more pieces to break out. Jim Davis is here to get you prepared for the release of Rivals of Ixalan!

Four Things I’m Thankful For

For Jim Davis, Thanksgiving isn’t one day a year but an ongoing process. Today he looks back at the past twelve months and gives thanks for the awesome Magical things in his life!