AuthorJim Davis

Jim Davis is a fifteen year Magic veteran with accomplishments at every level of organized play. He spent the the late 2000s playing on the Pro Tour, and after taking a few years away from the game he reemerged as one of the most accomplished players on the SCG Tour. After winning the 2015 Players' Championship Jim took on Magic full-time and now travels to events as part of Team BCW, produces content both here on Starcitygames.com and on YouTube, streams, and coaches.

Addition Via Subtraction

Jim takes a look at what the absence of many of the powerhouses in the current Standard format after rotation will mean for the future of Standard.

Life On The Grid

Jim Davis introduces you to a fun way to draft your Cube one on one when you can’t find enough people for a six- or eight-player draft: Grid Draft!

So You Think You Can Brew

In the first So You Think You Can Brew, SCG Invitational finalist Jim Davis pits two Standard brews against one another. Vote for your favorite in the comments!

Win Equity

Jim takes an in-depth look at a situation he found himself in during Standard at #SCGINVI. He examines both what he did and perhaps what he should have done.

Odds & Ends

Jim Davis returns with a report on three tournaments he attended in the past month. Gain some insight into Standard and Legacy before #SCGSEA!

One Word

Today, SCG Invitational finalist Jim Davis is going to show you how to get better at Magic with one simple word. Read on to find out more!

Finding Your Happy Place

Where does Magic fit into your life? Jim Davis tells you why figuring out the answer to this question will make you a better Magic player and happier person.

Hedge, Twin, Win

Jim Davis, Goblins expert and 2011 Indianapolis Invitational finalist, writes his first article about winning a Modern PTQ with Splinter Twin.