AuthorJim Davis

Jim Davis is a fifteen year Magic veteran with accomplishments at every level of organized play. He spent the the late 2000s playing on the Pro Tour, and after taking a few years away from the game he reemerged as one of the most accomplished players on the SCG Tour. After winning the 2015 Players' Championship Jim took on Magic full-time and now travels to events as part of Team BCW, produces content both here on Starcitygames.com and on YouTube, streams, and coaches.

Teferi Is Better Than Jace

Jace, the Mind Sculptor may be the hero Modern deserves, but Jim Davis says he’s not the one it needs right now. Could Teferi, Hero of Dominaria really unseat the greatest planeswalker of all time?

Your New Standard Guidelines

It’s not a fully defined meta, but we do know a few rules of deckbuilding to keep you on the right path to SCG CON glory! Jim Davis explains how to succeed in Dominaria…and how to avoid failing!

Fecundity Goblins In Modern

Jim Davis was once the Goblins master of the world. Guess what? He’s bringing it back! Go combo, go aggro at SCG Baltimore tomorrow!

The Dominaria Over/Under

What Dominaria cards are overrated and underrated? Is it possible that Goblin Chainwhirler is actually underhyped? Don’t get caught off-guard at SCG Atlanta!