AuthorJennifer Long

Jennifer Long is one of the most prolific Magic streamers on Twitch today. "Mrs. Mulligan," as she's known by fans, can be found playing one Magic format or another nearly every day, either on her stream or at an SCG Tour® stop on the weekends.

The Metagame Clock

Do you play aggro decks? Are you a dedicated control mage? Why do these distinctions matter? How much can they actually change week-to-week? Mrs. Mulligan has an excellent study on this questions here!

Aether Revolt Through A Modern Lens

Standard may have the spotlight, but don’t forget that Aether Revolt is good enough to move the Modern needle! Jennifer Long takes a look at some of the cards players may be sleeping on a little too soon!

Modern On A Budget

Mrs. Mulligan wants all the Modern players she can assemble! That’s why she’s teaching players that are interested in the format to not be afraid of costs! For more info on how to ease into the format safely, read Jennifer’s advice!

Christmas Across The Formats!

Gruul kids unite! Mrs. Mulligan is bringing you holiday cheer in the form of a great red and green deck in every format you care to play during your December celebrations!

Magic Puzzles

Puzzles are an enjoyable way to think about Magic! Jennifer Long takes you from simple solutions to deceptive difficulty, getting you to think about the “fun”damentals!

Learning To Evaluate Decklists

The last time you looked at a decklist, what were you thinking? Were you studying a deck or just looking at a list of Magic cards? Jennifer Long explains the difference!


No matter where we are in our game, we’ve all sat across from someone at some time or another! Mrs. Mulligan talks about reading and battling everyone, from the most seasoned pro to the most novice player!

The Many Flavors Of Tron

No matter how you dice it, having a million mana on turn 3 or 4 is going to win some game! Join Mrs. Mulligan and her Modern mastery for a look into one of #SCGINVI’s most feared archetypes!

The Method For Testing A New Deck

There’s one thing almost every Magic player has in common: We all build decks! But we all also make a lot of mistakes! Here’s how to streamline your deck building process before #SCGKNOX!

The Scariest Cards In Modern!

Ahhhhhhh! Jennifer Long has assembled a frightening anthology starring Modern’s more horrifying cards right now! Come to the #SCGBALT Modern Classic. Don’t be afraid.

Red On The Rise In Modern

It doesn’t end with Blood Moon and Lightning Bolt! Mrs. Mulligan is back with tons of new decks that take red to the next level in the fast and furious Modern format!

Penny Dreadful

Pauper still too expensive for you? Need more Constructed formats to keep you engaged? Jennifer Long has done you a huge favor and is highlighting one of the most friendly and exciting formats to hit the scene in ages!

More Modern Combos Exposed

Jennifer Long got a lot of love with last week’s look at the combo decks of Modern! So she’s going back for more! Are you prepared for these Modern machines?