AuthorFrank Skarren

Frank Skarren lives in New York and has been playing Magic for the last decade. He started playing competitively over the last three years, with a couple Open Series Top 8s and a win at Grand Prix Charlotte, the second largest Grand Prix of all time! Now he's on the hunt for a breakout Pro Tour appearance.

Learning The M15 Draft Archetypes

Frank Skarren has been testing M15 drafts all week! Here, he tells you about some of the best places to start jumping into an archetype in Magic’s newest Limited set!

The Next Evolution Of U/W Control

Frank has been playing a lot of different versions of U/W Control lately in Standard, and has some thoughts on the Detention Sphere vs. Planar Cleansing argument that might surprise you… or your opponent, at #SCGVEGAS!

An Affinity for PTQs

Frank Skarren is all-in on the Affinity plan! Read about some of his most interesting games and decisions! Find out what changes need to be made to make the archetype evolve successfully this season!

How to Win

Magic theory is loaded with niche terms, advice, and advanced logic. Frank Skarren is here to remind you of some of Magic’s most fundamentally important skills so that you can improve your chances every single match.

A Red And White Delight

Frank had a heck of a finish at Grand Prix Atlanta, and recounts how his Sealed Deck and multiple drafts played out over the course of an amazing two days!

Lost Secrets of Atlanta

Frank Skarren knows a thing or two about Limited! Today he has tips for conquering the Sealed format of Grand Prix Atlanta’s Day One, including underrated and overrated cards.

Lure of the Obscure

Unusual card interactions can turn a game on its head. Frank Skarren has your guide to the weird tricks of Theros block Limited!

Double Q

Read about how Frank Skarren was able to secure his second Grand Prix win in Philadelphia last weekend playing Theros/Born of the Gods Limited!

Knight Of The White Peacock

Learn more about Theros/Born of the Gods Limited before Grand Prix Philadelphia this weekend by reading how Frank Skarren won a Pro Tour Qualifier last weekend!