AuthorDrew Levin

Drew Levin is a tireless researcher whose dedication to studying formats has given him great insight into Legacy, his favorite format. He's a former SCG Open Series grinder with a handful of Top 8s in both Standard and Legacy, a pair of Legacy Grand Prix near-misses, and an Invitational Top 8.

TwinBlade In Legacy

One of the most understated arts of deckbuilding is the ability to port proven forgotten concepts from one format into another. In this great lesson, Legacy guru Drew Levin takes an old Standard powerhouse and brings it back to life.

Video: Zoo In Legacy!

What was once a proven contender has largely fell by the wayside over the last few years. What will it take to put Zoo back on the map? Drew Levin investigates in time for #SCGDAL!

Video: U/R Moon In Vintage!

He brewed it and now it is time test it! Check out these Vintage videos with Eternal expert Drew Levin and his state of the art U/R Moon deck!

Brewing In Vintage

Drew Levin has played the decks in the accepted Vintage metagame. Now he wants to create one of his own! Join Drew as he takes you through the process of creating a new Vintage monster!

Video: Cobra in Vintage!

We haven’t seen Lotus Cobra since his Standard days. Where has he been? The little fellow hasn’t been in Legacy or Modern, so that only leaves one place. It looks like Drew Levin has tracked him down…

Video: Grixis In Vintage

Join Drew Levin as he continues his awesome video series with yet another fresh look at the diverse and exciting Vintage format!

Legacy M15 Set Review

Legacy is a hard format for new cards to make an impact in, but Drew has some tight rules he follows when analyzing new cards that might break their way in – and quite a few M15 cards look like they may find a way to make the cut.

Video: U/W Stoneforge In Vintage

Drew tests out some more Vintage as the metagame develops on Magic Online, taking a U/W Flash-style control/tempo deck up against the digital field to see what happens. Check it out!

Video: Disciple Combo

Join Drew in this Legacy video exploring his exploratory Disciple of Deceit combo(s) deck, fresh off of a critical re-tune and ready to take on all comers… maybe even for #SCGWOR!


There is nothing Drew likes more than to play a deck that is just stuffed full of ALL OF THE COMBOS! Today he explores an interesting vehicle for doing exactly that, building around Disciple of Deceit.

Video: Vintage Storm!

Vintage Masters have you wanted more of Magic’s most classic format? Look no further than Drew Levin’s latest video set! Drew Levin has some telling words for this format…