AuthorDrew Levin

Drew Levin is a tireless researcher whose dedication to studying formats has given him great insight into Legacy, his favorite format. He's a former SCG Open Series grinder with a handful of Top 8s in both Standard and Legacy, a pair of Legacy Grand Prix near-misses, and an Invitational Top 8.

Single Card Primer: Cabal Therapy

Drew Levin talks about one of the most difficult cards to play in Magic: Cabal Therapy! Get a refresher on some subtle rules and tricks for playing with and against this one at #SCGDFW’s $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ!

Single Card Primer: Counterbalance

Drew Levin shows you how to play, build around, and play against one of the most powerful enchantments of all-time! Learn what it means to play with Counterbalance, and give Drew your requests for more cards you’d like to see in this series!


Drew Levin incorporates the absurd utility of Dig Through Time into a Legacy deck that brings him back to his roots in the format! Out-card your opponents this weekend at the $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ at #SCGPROV!

What To Play In Legacy At The Invitational

Quick. You have one day left to select a deck for Legacy at #SCGINVI. Who do you ask to pick your deck for you? If you answered anyone but Legacy expert Drew Levin, your answer is suspect at best!

Dragons Of Tarkir Legacy Review!

When it comes to the Legacy impact of Magic’s latest set, it is a question of quality over quantity. Not a lot of cards are going to make a difference, but the ones that do? Oh man! Drew Levin talks about those cards and what they need to succeed at #SCGINVI!

Alesha, Who Smiles At Modern

With Golgari Grave-Troll newly unbanned in Modern, Drew Levin explores some interesting deckbuilding spaces with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death reanimating juicy targets to close out the game immediately.

Allow Me To Mentor You

With the $5,000 Premier IQ on Sunday, you couldn’t do much better than seeing what Drew Levin has in store! The Legacy expert unleashes some sweet new tech involving the most exciting mythic in Fate Reforged!

Video: Jeskai Ascendancy In Legacy!

Is there any end to the Jeskai Ascendancy train of combo dominance? Drew Levin ports it to Legacy before #SCGINVI, much to the ire of his poor unsuspecting opponents…

Just Play Dark Ritual!

Drew Levin knows Delver is overrated, and he has the stats to back it up! Fair decks are a little too normal right now, and Drew shows you the unfair road to victory for #SCGPORT!

18 Rules Situations You Must Know For Grand Prix New Jersey

When tens of thousands of cards are all legal in the same format, there is bound to be some confusion. Fortunately, in what may be one the most important Legacy articles ever written, Drew Levin tells you exactly how to navigate the rules at Grand Prix New Jersey.

Khans Of Tarkir: Legacy Set Review!

With rotations, Standard gets most of the attention. But Legacy expert Drew Levin is here to remind you that Khans is offering up some very important Eternal implications! Read on!

Video: RUG Delver In Legacy!

Legacy specialist Drew Levin guides you through one of the most important decks in the metagame! Be unprepared for RUG Delver at #SCGINVI at your own risk!

Video Plus Analysis: RUG Delver VS. Miracles!

Drew Levin gives you everything you could possibly want to learn this matchup inside and out before #SCGDC. That includes sideboarding advice, theory, and of course, playtest videos featuring decklist evolution.

Video: TwinBlade In Legacy!

Drew Levin takes his most recent Legacy project and puts it to the test! Find out how TwinBlade takes on the metagame in this video!