Video: Burning Oath In Vintage!

Drew Levin continues to feed his powerful Vintage addiction with a new set of videos starring Burning Oath!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Burning Oath was touted to me by several knowledgeable Vintage players as one of the most powerful decks in Vintage. Despite not winning a single match
with it, I completely believe them. Here’s why:

– it plays a high number of restricted cards, which is generally a good proxy for power level

– it has access to more card draw than “traditional” Vintage Storm if you are willing to believe that Oath of Druids is a suspend-one draw-seven.

– it has Burning Wish, so you play even more tutors than a regular Vintage combo deck

– it plays Chrome Mox, so your mana is faster than a regular Vintage combo deck

It is also brutally, brutally difficult to play. You have access to a ton of different plans at any given time, you have the ability to dodge hate pointed
at any given element of your deck if you understand the format and your deck well enough, and you can power through most pieces of resistance via sheer
cardboard volume.

With that said, I prefer the Storm deck that I played in my very first Vintage videos. Having to juggle all of the cards that want to use life as a
resource is challenging, given how fragile and diminutive the manabase is to start with.

The best way that I can describe this deck to a Legacy player is that, if Gush Storm or Cruel Bargain Storm or regular UBx Storm is ANT in Legacy, Burning
Oath is TES. It’s less-consistent, more vulnerable to Workshops, and has more raw power. Being able to find the correct path through a dizzying array of
tutors and fast mana may take you quite a while, however — if you frustrate easily, this is not the deck for you.

If you love drawing seven cards at once, though, I think this will provide you with an enjoyable experience. Enjoy!