Video: Grixis Slaver In Vintage!

Drew Levin takes a Rich Shay-proven Grixis Slaver brew through another great series of Vintage testing videos!

Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

For those of you not in the know, this is the exact 75-card decklist that Rich Shay used to win a live Vintage tournament a few weeks ago. All due credit
to him and his teammates, co-brewers, and so on.

With that said, if you were to cut the Blood Moons from last week’s deck
and add a bunch of card draw, I think you would end up with a deck that looks a lot like this.

Not exactly this, mind you, since I would have never figured out Night’s Whisper but somewhat close.

This deck is beautiful. It has the ability to create classic Busted Vintage Starts (although I would like another Jace somewhere in the 75) while having a
ton of staying power in the mid-to-late game. Its early power comes from the high number of restricted cards and the artifact-dense manabase, while the
staying power comes from the above-average density of draw spells. Night’s Whisper is a huge part of that.

A major draw to playing this particular deck is that it is very powerful against Workshop decks, as can be seen in match four. Goblin Welder and Baleful
Strix are all-stars in their own right, the basic Mountain and Ingot Chewers do a lot of work, and multiple copies of Dack Fayden provide several angles
for the deck to attack on.

After playing with the deck quite a bit, it is fairly soft to nonartifact creatures and to the card Oath of the Druids but is largely excellent outside of
those situations. I would add another Jace to the sideboard to try to play on the board some more in creature-based matchups and to have more busted
openers against blue decks, but other than that, I loved the configuration. If you can, I would highly recommend giving this deck a shot.