AuthorAli Aintrazi

Ali Aintrazi is the 2011 US National Champion and a Pro Tour competitor. He is best known for his original deck designs and unique card choices - most notably breaking out the Turboland archetype at the 2010 SCG Open: Philadelphia.

Waste Not And Turbo Fog

Former U.S. National Champion Ali Aintrazi brings you two incredible rogue brews! Take these two to Grand Prix Miami and take the field by surprise!

Devotion To Sultai

Former United States National Champion Ali Aintrazi knows where his allegiances lie! See the innovations he’s been striving for in his Standard deck of choice, and hear the crazy new projects he’s working on before #SCGLA!

The Method To The Madness

Former United States Champion and all-around great guy Ali Aintrazi is back on the Magic scene! It didn’t take him long to get to the top of the standings! See his thoughts on his successful weekend and consider his deck for the $5,000 Standard Premier IQ at #SCGIndy!

Fighting The Best

Two-time SCG Open winner Ali Aintrazi tries out a few brews for Theros Standard. Building a Chimera, mastering battle with Kalonian Hydra, and whipping BBD are all inside…

Getting Muddy

Ali Aintrazi provides you with a primer on Metalworker, a deck he played to the Top 32 of Legacy at #SCGBALT and which he thinks is well positioned for #SCGPHL.

Building Battle Of Wits

US Nationals winner Ali Aintrazi tells you about the M13 cards he thinks have potential and a few different Battle of Wits decks he has been working. Will you choose to Battle at the SCG Standard Open in Las Vegas?

Ramping It Up With RUG In Standard

2011 US National Champion Ali Aintrazi is as tired of Delver as you are, so he’s recently been working on a RUG Ramp deck. See if it’s something you’d like to play in Standard at SCG Open Series: Detroit this weekend.

Custom Cube Project: Introduction

Ali Aintrazi and Justin Parnell have been working over a year on the Custom Cube Project. Get acquainted with some of the unique cards and mechanics they have created that will be in their 360-card cube.

U/W Reaver Control In Standard

2011 US National Champion Ali Aintrazi has been extensively testing his U/W Reaver Control deck online. Read to find out if you should use this deck to control the field at the SCG Invitational & Standard Open in Baltimore this weekend.