AuthorAli Aintrazi

Ali Aintrazi is the 2011 US National Champion and a Pro Tour competitor. He is best known for his original deck designs and unique card choices - most notably breaking out the Turboland archetype at the 2010 SCG Open: Philadelphia.

Trinket Mage Is The Future

Ali Aintrazi sees one card as the future of Standard: Trinket Mage! He provides four different decklists in which he thinks this little Mage will make a huge difference. Try one of them out at StarCityGames.com Open: Dallas/Fort Worth.

Nightmare In Hawaii

Ali Aintrazi learned some valuable information about the metagame at PT Dark Ascension. Read about two decks that he thinks are best for Standard right now: U/B Zombies and a new Four-Color Heartless brew.

Rise Of Aintrazi – Poxing DC

Ali Aintrazi discusses the Loam Pox deck he played at StarCityGames.com Open: DC. He fixes it up, so you can play one of the funnest decks in Legacy.

Rise Of Aintrazi – A Duet

This deck can’t cast Elesh Norn, but it certainly can make an impression on the aggressive decks in the format. Ali’s U/B Control is specifically designed to deal with a metagame full of creatures.

Rise Of Aintrazi – Modern Season

The Modern PTQ season is coming up, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, try out these decklists from Ali and friends. There’s no better time to start testing than now.

Rise of Aintrazi – The Story Of Worlds

Ali has returned from Worlds with tales and a tournament report, including a Solar Flare deck for this weekend’s Standard Open. As a bonus, he’s got a sneak peek at the green member of the “Power 5” in his new custom cube!

Rise Of Aintrazi – Playing With Paint

Ali plays with colors today, showing you what’s possible in Standard if you just use a new color palette. Be inspired for the SCG Open in Kansas City! Witness the revival of Solar Flare and Counterburn.

Rise Of Aintrazi – States And U/B

Ali loves a good control deck, so it’s no wonder he fell in love with Jeremy Neeman’s GP winning U/B Control. This article is full of tips and tricks on both winning with Control as well as beating it.

Rise Of Aintrazi – The Fall Of Troy

Ali-Cats is the new Esper Control variant that finishes off the opponent by making a bunch of Cats (me-ow!) and maximizes Snapcaster Mage by running nearly all sorceries and instants! A true draw-go control deck and a viable States candidate.

Rise Of Aintrazi – Moar Decks!

National Champion Ali Aintrazi is saddened by the overwhelming number of aggro decks doing well in Standard, but perhaps now that the metagame is more established, he can brew up some sick combo/control decks for Nashville.

Rise Of Aintrazi – Weakness

How do you find the cracks in a deck or in yourself as a player? As a person? Ali Aintrazi addresses how you can patch up the holes in your deck or find and exploit those in your opponents’ decks.