AuthorAdam Prosak

Adam Prosak is one of the most versatile card gamers around, putting up outstanding finishes on the Vs. System Pro Circuit while grinding away on the Magic Pro Tour as well. He has made Top 8 of three SCG Invitationals.

My Magical Life

Adam Prosak says goodbye to his Magic-playing career by reflecting on where his Magical journey has taken him from the time he learned to play up until now.

Good Things

Adam Prosak tells you why FNM Hero must come to an end and implores you to attend the StarCityGames.com Open Series in Cincinnati, Ohio next weekend.

The Road To The Invitational

The FNM Hero takes a break this week to share how Adam Prosak prepared for Legacy and Standard at SCG Invitational: New Jersey this weekend.

FNM Hero: The Grinding Station

This week the FNM Hero talks about three tournaments that he participated in recently and a couple purchases he made. Read on to check out his progress!

FNM Hero: A Hero Is Born

Adam Prosak has decided to undertake Jonathan Medina’s FNM Hero challenge: to build a deck and play in events with only a $100 budget. Read on to find out more!

The Dragon’s Maze Of Legacy

Three-time SCG Invitational Top 8 competitor Adam Prosak discusses a few Legacy decks spawned by new cards in Dragon’s Maze. Get some ideas for your next event!

Legacy Storm Primer

SCG Invitational champion Adam Prosak breaks down his list and provides a sideboarding guide for his current deck of choice in Legacy. Give it a try at #SCGDC!

Unveiling “Oops, All Spells!”

Want to try a new deck at SCG Legacy Open: Atlanta this weekend? Then check out Adam’s “Oops, All Spells!” deck with Undercity Informer and Balustrade Spy.