Sweet Tweets – Of Pro Tours And Open Series

Between the StarCityGames.com Open Series in Madison, Wisconsin and Pro Tour Avacyn Restored in Barcelona, this will be a Magical weekend. Standard, Legacy, and Block Constructed—oh my!

Last weekend, #SCGRI took the first defining steps for Standard and Legacy alike. For those not hitting up the Open Series, there was plenty to do. For most of us, that meant Magic Online Cube—and for the members of clan Limited Resources, that apparently meant plenty of TPF packs! I’m sure they played their fair share of Innistrad/Dark Ascension, too 😉

This weekend, our Open Series is moving forward with Madison. I’ll be there myself, working coverage alongside Joey Pasco and Jake Van Lunen. Make sure to use the #SCGMAD hashtag if you’re tweeting from the site, or if you want to contact the commentators and myself!

I’m personally very excited about my first trip to Madison, but the whole community is pretty fixated on Pro Tour Avacyn Restored in Barcelona. The Fantasy App returned to Facebook last week, and players finalized their teams.

Personally, I went with Garruk Relentless, Wolfir Silverheart, Huntmaster of the Fells, Avacyn’s Pilgrim, Brimstone Volley, Pillar of Flame, Dead Weight—slim pickings, ok?—Vessel of Endless Rest, and Clifftop Retreat.

Wonder which color combinations I like the most in the format?

Of course, I’ll be as glued to the coverage as anyone else. Fortunately, Wizards promises to continue upping the ante for all of us. Keep up with the action using #PTAVR all weekend.

For StarCityGames.com enthusiasts, @mulldrifting (also known as website overlord Lauren Lee) will be Tweeting her own live coverage of our teams, #SCGBlue and #SCGBlack!

Oh, you don’t know them? We debuted both of our sponsored groups for this Pro Tour last week, and Twitter immediately reacted.

While #SCGBlack does have quite the stack of resumes, #SCGBlue‘s got a lot of up-and-comers alongside established talent. I enjoyed watching them test in Roanoke, and can affirm that Brian Braun-Duin was a strong asset, in addition to one of the punniest players in the room. @lsv may want to watch his back!

Other groups are also focused in on testing, of course. The “control problem” manifested itself for most teams, although I wouldn’t be surprised to discover it solved by a few enterprising groups… It’s a tough nut to crack given the pressure of Champion of the Parish and the long game power of Huntmaster of the Fells and the various graveyard decks, but someone has to have something.

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to point out some awesome news from Sam Stoddard. Sam’s contributions to the community as a podcaster, columnist, and a commentator for @SCGLive are considerable, and last week saw his talents recognized by Wizards of the Coast.

Best of luck, Sam! We’ll miss you. Say “Hi” to Gavin for us…

That’s all from Sweet Tweets this week. Catch you in seven days!

Glenn Jones


Event Coverage Coordinator