AuthorBrian Braun-Duin

Brian Braun-Duin is one of the most well-known Magic pros in the game today. His notable successes include two Grand Prix wins, four SCG Invitational Top 8s, a host of SCG Open Top 8s, and multiple PTQ wins. He strives to make Squire a respected card in Legacy and Modern.

This Week In MTG News

Brian Braun-Duin brings you the Magic news that matters most. Or least. Either way, he has news. From WotC leaks to the censorship issues in Magic Online chats, BBD has it all hilariously covered!

Fear And Winning In Las vegas

No cameras? No problem! BBD still finally took down an Open Series event, and he did it in crazy fashion. See his ridiculous weekend recap, complete with the worst game of Magic he has ever played!

Open Series Spotlight: Lands

Lands has been increasing in Legacy popularity over the weeks, and nobody has championed the deck more than Chris Andersen. BBD tries the deck out to see if it’s success is going to continue!

BBD VS. The Boss: Esper Mentor VS. Burn

We’ve got two Legacy experts and we’ve got one day before Legacy takes over the weekend at #SCGNJ! Don’t be caught unprepared! Watch these two wrestle the format (and each other) in this week’s latest VS Video!

Open Series Spotlight: G/R Eldrazi

Though it took them a while to get going, there’s no doubt that the Eldrazi are now upon Standard! See BBD take Tyler Barnett’s recently successful list through a few rounds of #SCGKC testing!

Retooling Miracles

BBD has been on the Miracles train for a while and he knows what it needs to succeed. See how he’d avoid the most common pitfalls of the deck were he playing in the $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ at #SCGKC!

Good Old G/W Megamorph

G/W Megamorph has been slipping in popularity recently, but BBD thinks that’s a bunch of nonsense. Read his thorough guide to playing the deck at #SCGDFW’s $5,000 Premier IQ!

BBD VS. The Boss: Scapeshift VS. Zoo

Everyone is pumped up for Modern this weekend at #SCGDFW! Is combo more your style? Or are you trying to punish slow starts with aggro? BBD and Tom Ross test these strategies so you know what to expect tomorrow!