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Lauren Lee (aka Mulldrifting) is StarCityGames.com's Online Content Coordinator. She manages front-page content, handles both SCG Newsletters, oversees the deck database, and works daily behind the scenes to improve SCG.

Best Articles Of 2012

Online Content Coordinator Lauren Lee reviews all the articles from 2012 and shares a few things you can expect for 2013.

Welcome To Legacy Week!

With a Legacy Grand Prix in Indianapolis and a StarCityGames.com Legacy Open in Dallas/Fort Worth this weekend, we’re releasing new Legacy articles every day this week!

Greetings From Mulldrifting!

Lauren Lee, aka Mulldrifting, has undergone a transformation of sorts. What’s happening to StarCityGames.com’s former Copy Editor?

Battle Royale! Budget Standard

Battle Royale returns! Reigning Battle Royale champ Gavin Verhey is joined by fellow fresh competitors Ben Lundquist, Sean McKeown, and Jason Ford. With a $50 budget, who will win in a Standard death match? Tune in live on Wednesday!

Today’s Battle Royale Announcement!

Tuesday, November 2nd – This is happening today, my friends. I know! Your day did just get so much better. Don’t miss epic MTGO battles between Gavin Verhey, Max McCall, Todd Anderson, and Matt Sperling.

In Case You Missed It… SCG 10/18/10-10/22/10!

Monday, October 25th – Jeff Cunningham’s articles from two weeks ago and the interview with Mark Rosewater set a precedent for Magic writers. We felt the impact last week when inspiration struck on all fronts.

In Case You Missed It… SCG 10/04/10-10/08/10!

Monday, October 11th – SCG provided you with tons of decklists last week for your States/Provincial Champsionships. Revisit them to prepare for the upcoming StarCityGames.com Open in Nashville! Leave feedback in the forums on the deck you ran!

Recap of Week 9/27 – 10/1 on SCG!

Monday, October 4th – Join Mulldrifting as she reviews an epic week of set reviews, Scars of Mirrodin Prereleases, and preparation for the 2010’s! If you play Infect or Scroll Thieves this weekend, extra special bonus points for you!!

Recap of Last Week on StarCityGames.com!

Monday, September 27th – Lauren Lee (a.k.a. Mulldrifting) doesn’t want you to miss any of the action that went down last week! Read her take on the past week’s Premium and best Select articles.