Sweet Tweets: #MTGM13

#MTGM13 is shaping up to be awesome! Reuben Bresler gives you a snapshot of what people have been Twittering about Battle of Wits, Trading Post, and more.

Ah, I remember turning thirteen. Middle school, my bar mitzvah, puberty…

Okay, so maybe being thirteen wasn’t great. But #MTGM13 is certainly shaping up to be awesome! It’s clear that the design team wanted to head in a different direction than past core sets, changing the landscape wildly for the months to come. No more Titans, no more Mana Leak, and no more of the Deathmark / Celestial Purge cycle to name a few of the cuts. Instead, we are getting lots of new and exciting tools for different strategies as well as lots of interesting and surprising reprints. In addition, M13 is the first core set with story elements, with Nicol Bolas (@NicolBolasCEO) as a central character and the first multicolored card in any core set.

Many cards set players into a frenzy, but the return of Battle of Wits to Standard certainly got more than its share of attention. Articles, blog posts, and Twitter responses abound on the five mana blue enchantment, debating its viability in Constructed (and possibly even Limited!) as well as the legality of even having a 200-plus card deck based on shuffling guidelines set forth by the DCI. And with the possibility of the transmute keyword in Return to Ravnica, #BattleofWits might actually be a viable strategy very soon:

Another favorite may upset @fivewithflores, but Druidic Satchel’s exit from the core set means there’s an opening for a weird midrangey artifact in M13, and that void is going to be filled by Trading Post. The new four0mana bizarre bazaar is able to do any number of odd jobs (for a price), including taking huge advantage of token producing artifact creatures like Wurmcoil Engine, Myr Battlesphere, or Precursor Golem. And to top it all off, it makes Goats! Because everybody loves a good Goat producer. So come and #GetYourGoat:

Have you heard? Mono-Black Control is back!

I’m sure you’ve heard (and read) that a million times since it was confirmed that Mutilate will be making a comeback to Standard. Not since Torment has this four-mana sorcery graced us with its putrescence, and people are very excited for a summer of #MtgMutilation:

There’s one last thing to end this edition of Sweet Tweets. Nicol Bolas, as mentioned earlier, is the main antagonist in M13. He’s an ultra-powerful Elder Dragon who is also a planeswalker. But hey, he’s only human. Well, you know what I mean. The point is… There’s a typo in the flavor text of Wit’s End’s flavor text! It sparked a little bit of discussion on Twitter recently, putting into question #NicolBolasSpellchecker’s capabilities:

I’m at an iPhone trying to call home. All of my Tweets I spent on you!

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