Greetings From Mulldrifting!

Lauren Lee, aka Mulldrifting, has undergone a transformation of sorts. What’s happening to StarCityGames.com’s former Copy Editor?

A couple years ago (in December 2009), Mulldrifting was born. People in the Magic community slowly came to know me as the fanciful, flying fish from Lorwyn through my blog, Mulldrifting.com, and my Twitter handle of the same name.

Sometime later, I won a PTQ and played in my first Pro Tour (Amsterdam 2010), where I learned a valuable lesson. People play Magic for many different reasons—me? I play it for the people. Many of my best friends are from Magic, and despite only qualifying for one Pro Tour, I have been to many more as a spectator and lover of the game.

I think if you watched the Pro Tour Dark Ascension coverage from this past weekend, you’d understand exactly what I mean!

This happens at every Pro Tour.

Then, in December of 2010, I made a life-changing move. Leaving everything behind (except for a few cardboard boxes), I answered Evan Erwin‘s call and relocated to Roanoke, VA to take a job as a full-time Copy Editor for StarCityGames.com. At the time, it felt not unlike opening a golden ticket and being invited to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

I worked mostly as the site’s copy editor but also operated behind-the-scenes on coverage for the Open Series. I have to say, it was a helluva fun job. But some day, every bird has to leave the nest.

Or should I say…every fish has to leave the water?

My next move will require much more of a transformation on my part.

mulldrifting transform card

mulldrifting transform card

Well, I never claimed I design Magic cards for a living! Rather, my new job as Content Manager is about producing the articles and videos you want to see and about shaping the future of how you experience Magic content, hopefully finding stuff you didn’t even know you wanted—until you discover it on this here site here.

In addition to directing all the content on our front page, I’ll be working behind the curtain at StarCityGames.com on new and exciting projects to help improve our website, our Open Series, our coverage, and more.

Magic: The Gathering has utterly changed my life in ways I never could’ve imagined. And what makes MTG for me is the people behind it. My thanks go to Wizards of the Coast, Pete Hoefling, Evan Erwin, Steve Sadin, Ted Knutson, The Ferrett, Glenn Jones, and all the people who make this game what it is. (That means you!)

Special thanks to our writers. This site wouldn’t be what it is without you. I’m really looking forward to our time working together.

Let me know what you enjoy seeing on the site, and tell me what you like and don’t like—what you want to see more of and what you want to see less of. You can hit me up on Twitter (@Mulldrifting), or you can respond below in the Facebook comments.

Let’s do this thing.