AuthorSteve Sadin

Steve is a New Yorker who loves to play, talk and write about Magic. He finished 12th at Pro Tour: Atlanta. More recently, he piloted the fearsome Hulk Flash Legacy deck to the very top of an 883-person pile at Grand Prix: Columbus 2007

A Farewell Letter

Steve Sadin waves good-bye and is onto bigger and better things. Here’s to a year of superb content management, a year of tremendous growth for StarCityGames.com, and a year full of good times…

Turn 3 Kills With Vector Asp In Standard

Monday, February 14 – Kibler cited Tempered Steel’s inconsistency as one of its main problems – and indeed, it is a bit too inconsistent until you make it as fast as possible. Then average draws will kill on turn 4 or 5.

Letter from the Editor: Sheriff’s in Town

There’s a new sheriff in town. His word is law, and he gives the orders. His name – Steve Sadin – our Fearless Content Manager. It just so happens that the sheriff has much in store for the sleepy town of Star City Games. Read on to learn more!

Letter from the Editor

Wednesday, December 1st – You may know him as the Limited columnist on MagicTheGathering.com or as the twelfth-place finisher at GP Nashville. Maybe you’ve known him much longer, as many have – well he has an announcement.

Feature Article – Building Red Decks For Standard

The Star City $5,000 Standard Open comes to Charlotte, NC!
Monday, February 11th – At any given time, the Standard metagame is guaranteed to contain a number of unavoidable truths. There will always be a Blue control deck. There will always be a player running White Weenie. And there will always be an aggressive Red deck. Steve Sadin takes a look at the archetype, and introduces a few fresh ideas into the beatdown arena…

Feature Article – Sadin on Extended

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The Extended PTQ season is officially in full swing. How did you do this weekend? Me, I went 1-2-drop with Affinity. Steve Sadin, newly minted Level 3, rocked up to his local PTQ with an Affinity deck too. This article takes a look at the improvements he’s made to the archetype, and outlines the dangers of which you must be aware for next week’s PTQ bonanza…

Feature Article – Steve’s Worlds, Part 2

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New Level 3 Pro Steve Sadin rounds out his enlightening report from Worlds 2007 with a look at Legacy. He shares his thoughts on the deck that he and Zvi created for the event, plus his match walkthroughs and his ideas on the post-Worlds Legacy metagame. He also brings us a few insights on working with Zvi Mowshowitz…

Feature Article – Steve’s Worlds, Part 1

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For Worlds 2007, Steve Sadin got to work closely with the one and only Zvi Mowshowitz. I’m sure every single one of us would give our right arms for such an opportunity, and Steve was determined to make the most of it. Today, in the first part of his report, he looks at both Standard and Draft. Enjoy!

Feature Article – Sadin’s Grab Bag

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Steve Sadin, battling away at Grand Prix: Daytona Beach, has a mixed bag of topics for us today. First, he brings us his personal rules for creating the perfect Limited manabase. Next, he takes us through his Grand Prix Sealed Deck cardpool and final build, before sharing his Day 1 results at the time of writing. Finally, he hands his article over to Andre Coimbra, who brings us his Top 5 Commons lists for each color in triple Lorwyn Draft!

Feature Article – Sealed Deck Disconnect

Click here for more info on Grand Prix Daytona Beach!
Building the perfect Sealed deck is a fine art. Sure, there are times that you get all the good Green and all the good Red, but even then there are decisions to be made. Steve Sadin believes that, along with the usual card power concerns, building a successful Sealed deck relies on understanding exactly what type of deck you need. If you’ve three byes at your next Grand Prix, the art of building a Sealed deck can be radically different to those building to ensure PTQ success. Intrigued? Then read on!

Feature Article – Sadin’s Mailbag

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Newly promoted Level 3 player Steve Sadin takes a break from his Premier routine to bring us a taste of mailbag action. He answers an intriguing question regarding the playability of symmetrical effects before moving onto the intricacies of the Red/Green Aggro deck he knows and loves…

Feature Article – Grand Prix: Brisbane *14th*

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Steve Sadin booked a flight to Brisbane knowing that a good performance could see him locked into Level 3 for the coming year. On the flip side, he knew that a weak card pool, or the whims of the Mana Gods, could leave him empty handed and out of pocket. Today he takes us through the emotional peaks and troughs of his successful trip, shares a little strategy about drafting non-tribal cards in Lorwyn, and brings us a Top 4 States Red/Green Aggro deck. Enjoy!

Feature Article – Spotlight on States: Blue-Based Beatdown

Are YOU ready for States?
Newly promoted Level 3 Mage Steve Sadin takes us though our next Spotlight on States article. We’ve had Red aggro from Dan Paskins, and White Aggro from Benjamin Peebles-Mundy… now it’s the turn of Blue-based beatdown decks! Steve brings us five decklists that see the Blue cards take an active part in the beatdown role, admirably paired by the other colors in the Magical spectrum. Aggression coupled with a touch of disruption… is this the recipe for success this weekend? Read on to find out!

Feature Article – Valencia and Beyond

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Grand Prix winner Steve Sadin takes us through his Pro Tour: Valencia deck step by step, a deck which he believes will still; be a contender in the post-Lorwyn Extended environment. He updates his build with the new cards, and suggests some goblin-based beatdown strategies for the new Extended… Goblins with Tarmogoyf? Is no deck safe from the attentions of the two-drop green goliath?

Feature Article — Making The Leap

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Steve Sadin is one of the emerging talents of Magic. Of course, he was once a complete

beginner, battling to learn the rules and collect the cards. His growth as a Magic player has seen him

become confident enough to pay thousands of dollars in travel money to attend top events. The stories

behind his decision to make the leap to the big leagues may inspire others to do the same.

Ever dreamt of shuffling up at the Pro Tour? Then read on!