All Apologies

I owe Darwin Kastle an apology for taking things too far in Good Man of the Week.

I have given this a lot of thought. At first it was a no-brainer. There was no way I was going to apologize to Darwin Kastle for what I’d written about him in GMOTW (Editor’s note — Don’t bother looking for it. It’s been removed.). My e-mail address is on display for all to see, dozens and dozens of Pros have my cell phone number and there is a public forum linked from the article. I wasn’t hard to find.

Instead, Darwin chose to go to Pete and Ted, my bosses, and ask them to ask me to apologize. [Editor’s note – Darwin never contacted us. Rob Dougherty called Pete and cited several examples of Ken having”crossed the line” within that particular GMOTW column. Pete reviewed the article and agreed. That particular GMOTW section was then removed.] I had absolutely no intention of indulging this. Then came Grand Prix Columbus, where Rob Dougherty did what so many people never do. He walked up to me and stated his case pulling no punches that I could tell. He explained to me in a clear calm manner what, in some recess of my brain, I already knew. I had gone too far. More than that I had gone too far in a public forum.

That thought stayed with me. Then, on my own, I had another thought. What if I was wrong? What if Darwin *was* completely undeserving of the attack I gave him. The fact is I don’t know him that well, and I have never been one to completely trust the opinions of others. I am friends with Mike Long for god’s sake.

I re-read the Good Man of the Week in question, and you know what, not only had I gone too far, I had gone way too far, especially considering I really don’t know the man personally.

On a professional level I disgraced one of the legends of the game. My opinion of his skill isn’t really relevant. I am fairly sure he has 11 Pro-Tour top 8’s to his name. I have 1. Who the hell am I to be calling anyone out on skill? Darwin deserves his place in Magic history, and it should be a place of glory.

So with all that said. I want to extend a heartfelt apology to Darwin, Rob, Dave Humphreys and the rest of YMG, Pete Hoefling, Ted Knutson, The Ferrett, the staff and writers of StarCityGames.com, my readers and the entire game of Magic. I was out of line, and it should never have happened.


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