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Double Or Nothing: Pick ‘N Mix

After round six rounds of OBC on Day three of Worlds, nine players had achieved the amazing feat of a 6-0 record.. Which means that a lot of people will be trying to copy those decks. Let’s look at a few things you should look at before you pick up an”undefeated net deck,” including their opponent’s win/loss record and their matches.

Simple Block, Simple Deck, Complex Conversation

“All I did was come in unannounced. It’s not my fault you procrastinate and refuse to playtest.”
“Procrastinate? Refuse to playtest? How dare you, sir! I’ll have you know I’ve been playing the same monogreen deck for nearly two months!”
“You are a liar and a cad, sir! I challenge you to produce a decklist that smashes black.”
“Gladly. Behold!”

What IS Psychatog?

Why is Psychatog so damned strong? Daniel looks at ‘Tog from the classic rock/paper/scissors perspective and tries to place it properly.

You CAN Play Type I #55: Unquiet Speculations

Just how out of touch am I with the mainstream Magic world? It hit me when I finally found the time to click to the Worlds coverage: I couldn’t relate to a single thing. And frankly, I blame the Sideboard.

Yawgmoth’s Whimsy #43: Random Musings

Discussions of Worlds and what was fun to play, OBC and what’s not fun to play, and a look at why you probably shouldn’t unban all the Type One cards unless you really, really trust your playgroup.

On The Board: Changing The Face Of 5

I was recently selected to be on the 5 Color Voting Committee, and now I have to decide what to vote on for the month. How should Wishes be used? What card needs to be restricted in 5? Let me tell you why, and the strategy behind my decisions.

Mixed kNuts: Silicon Valley

So basically, the fieldbreaks down to two clear tier 1 decks, four challengers to the title, and sundry decks that you really want to see your opponent playing. If your rogue deck can’t deal with all the builds of U/G and MBC, then you may as well put it away, because it will end up being a very long day for you at the local qualifier. So what does the field have to offer?

The Daily Shot: My Smoedipus Complex

When I get my first box of Onslaught and I open this card, I’m going to put on some Teddy P or Barry White, turn off the lights, light a candle, and – when I’m sure no one is looking – Smother and I are going to knock the proverbial boots. I know the card is a little underage, but that’s no problem: I’ll just go to a Kentucky prerelease.

The Daily Shot: Where Did I Go Wrong?

A poor performance doesn’t always reflect opportunities that were missed, or mistakes that were made. Sometimes a 2-3 is just a 2-3, and it’s as simple as that. But where could I have made a mistake? Let me look closer.

OBC Worlds: Looking At The Top W/G Decks

So Worlds has passed us a few weeks into the PT: Houston qualifying season, and we now get the benefit of seeing what the Pros felt were the best decks in the format. Can we take a look at the stats and try to feel out why – and where W/G did well?

The Daily Shot: The Eight Finest Magic Writers

Here are eight guys you should read. Read as many of them as you can, and you’ll be taking in the best that internet Magic writing has to offer. These are the guys you absolutely should not do without; not if you call yourself a fan of the game, and of the written word.