AuthorJohn Fiorillo

John Fiorillo is no stranger to competitive play. With multiple money finishes across the Pro Tour and Grand Prix circuit, his Magic pedigree in unquestioned. He is also a prolific writer about this fair game, whith many tips and techniques for success across a variety of formats.

My Week In Magic: Psychatog in Planar Chaos Extended

In preparation for Planar Chaos, and the impact it will have on Extended, John takes a first-pass look at Psychatog. With Boros on the decline, and Sudden Shock slowly fading from the metagame, has Dr Teeth still got the bite required to tear up the PTQ scene? Mr Fiorillo also dips his toe into Limited waters, and shares some sage advice for all players looking to improve in general…

Planar Chaos Limited: On The Fence

John takes us through some of the tips and tricks picked up at the Planar Chaos prerelease tournaments. Some of the cards he discusses today are thus-far unloved… while some of them are hyped beyond measure. Where does the truth lie? John shares his thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of some of the more interesting sweetmeats that Planar Chaos has to offer…

Exploring Desire in Extended

For his first article for StarCityGames.com, John Fiorillo takes a look at Extended’s most successful Combo deck – The Extended Perfect Storm, or TEPS for short. As a self-confessed Combo Junkie, John loves the deck… and his tips may be the link you need to gain success at your next Pro Tour Qualifier. Planning on running Boros Deck Wins? Never fear… John has some words of wisdom for you too.

Two Skullclamps and a Molder Slug – Team Limited Advice

Generally, in this format I think you want one Affinity deck, one deck with a lot of removal, and one deck with a lot of good creatures and Equipment. I like U/R affinity, G/W and B/r. I think that is ideal, although your cardpool will always dictate what you will play in the end.

Grand Prix: Columbus – Good Times, Bad Results

After an abysmal performance this past weekend, all I can do is try to focus on the fun. Although Columbus isn’t the most exotic place in the world, and there isn’t much to do there, it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try my best to find out how to get plastered and get out there with the cowboy-hat-totin’ youth.

Regionals 2004: Are you ready?

Okay, it’s pretty early. You still have a solid month to prepare for Regionals this year. You’re probably going to need it, too. The format is very diverse, and the top decks are tough to play, offering tons of different game play choices and subtle deck building options that could mean the difference between top 8 (and a qualification for Nats), or 2-2 drop. In any metagame, you really have to know the matchups, but this one in particular is very unforgiving of errors. So what’s a guy to do? Well I’ve got nine steps to help you out and then a discussion of what I’ve discovered during playtesting.