Two New Commander-Focused MTG Promos Surface Early

These new MTG promos are sure to make Commander fans happy

Arcane Signet, illustrated by Gaboleps

A pair of stunning new Magic: The Gathering promos have made their debut early via Reddit.

The first to surface was a new Arcane Signet. Illustrated by Gaboleps, this version of the card was reportedly received as a replacement for the one included in the Philadelphia Festival in a Box Secret Lair.

While the infinity gauntlet-esque artwork is already in print, this is the first time it has appeared with the retro frame treatment. Current speculation points at this likely being a Secret Lair promo for MagicCon Las Vegas, however Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has yet to release information confirming this.

The second promo is a borderless version of Disrupt Decorum, appearing to be from the upcoming MTG set, Commander Masters.

According to the original poster on Reddit, a stack of these were received early by retailers in the Asia-Pacific region and are assumed to be the release promos for Commander Masters. With art by fan-favorite illustrator, Ron Spencer, players will likely be able to get their hands on these during the set’s release events in early August.

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