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The Betrayers of Kamigawa Limited Review – White

I’m going to separate by rarities instead of just doing one big list, since I don’t think there’s a huge amount of value in ranking the rares among each other, though I will specify if an uncommon is generally better than the rest of the commons in the color. I also want to include decklists, pick orders, and tough picks when possible to show where a certain card will be valuable, though this won’t happen until the later colors when I have more experience with the set. My point is that I don’t want this to be a usual boring series of set reviews – I plan to spice it up as much as possible.

The Bell or Hunt Dilemma: A Tribe Called Flesh

Somewhere within Tim Aten’s review of Grand Prix: Chicago team names on Monday was a legitimate article discussing the merits of Kami of the Hunt vs. Order of the Sacred Bell. Today the man who chose Glacial Ray over Kokusho, the Evening Star flips that bad boy around and tells you why the hunky monks are exactly the men you want to be choosing when you’re at the draft table.

10 Extended Decks in 10 Days – Life Would Be a Dream?

Chad continues our Extended event today with what many have termed “the wimpiest combo deck of all time.” Is this a fair assessment of a deck that simply blows most aggro decks out of the water, or is this something you absolutely must prepare for in order to be ready for Grand Prix: Boston this weekend? Leave it to the guy from Your Move Games to help you figure it out!

10 Extended Decks in 10 Days – The Beautiful Struggle: Storm Riders

Masashi Oiso piloted a Black version of Mind’s Desire to a Top 8 finish at Pro Tour: Columbus, but is that the version that most players will want to run for the PTQ season? Mark Young isn’t so sure, and in this comprehensive look at Mind’s Desire he examines the pros and the cons of the deck and its variations for PTQ players everywhere.

Mark’s article is the second in our full-blown Extended event where the best Constructed writers and deckbuilders in the world – including Mark, Jim Ferraiolo, Brian David-Marshall, Chad Ellis, and Mike Flores among others – give you the inside scoop on the new PTQ format for two whole weeks!

The Meandeck Tendrils Primer

What if you designed a Type One deck that could literally cast every spell in the deck on turn 1 more than 50% of the time? Would this deck become the new powerhouse in Vintage and merit tons of bannings to shut down the engine, or is it possible that in designing such a deck with the current card pool, you actually made it too difficult to play? Stephen Menendian knows the answers to these questions because he designed it, played it, and is now here to tell the tale of this latest Meandeck creation.

The Never-Changing Face Of U/G Madness

U/G will see a lot of play this season for a lot of the same reasons as last year – it’s cheap to build, relatively easy to play, has good sideboard options, and tends never to be purely outclassed. This is appealing to many players who just want to take a deck to a PTQ and run it without having to put a lot of time into playtesting or metagaming. So let’s go through the basics of Madness – I wouldn’t be me though if I didn’t have a few small modifications.

The Bell or Hunt Dilemma: Hunt!

When considered in a vacuum, Order of the Sacred Bell is a stronger card than Kami of the Hunt. Unfortunately for us drafters, there are many more factors to consider than raw power; if there weren’t, we’d all be cramming our decks with Kashi-Tribe Warriors. The most important points to consider are synergy and mana curve… And this may not be Onslaught Block, but creature type still matters.