Magic Head Designer Shares Series Of Teasers For March Of The Machine

Previews for Magic’s next main set start next week, but for now we’ve got teasers!

Blightsteel Colossus by Chris Rahn

Editors note: Mark Rosewater has stated that he made a mistake with one of his teasers. We’ve added his tweet with an explanation below.

Following preview season tradition, Magic: The Gathering’s Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, has shared his a series of teasers for the upcoming set – March of the Machine – to his Blogatog.

The build up to March of the Machine has been intense, with those involved in the design process stating that the events that take place in the set will change the game and its story forever. While official previews are slated to begin next week, we’ve already seen several cards from the set, along with the first few chapters of the story, and now Rosewater’s teasers help to piece even more of this dynamic set together. Here are a few of the hints that stood out the most to us.

  • A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands
  • A creature capable of dealing eleven poison counters
  • Some planes show up in card names that have never done so before
  • Wrenn returns with a new partner
  • “Each player can’t cast more than one non-Phyrexian spell each turn.”

A creature that can deal 11 poison counters sounds like a new Blightsteel Colossus, but what legendary creature is back after not being seen since Homelands? Then there’s the matter of creature types…

  • Phyrexian Bear Rhino
  • Phyrexian Samurai
  • Phyrexian Dog Warrior
  • Fungus Rabbit
  • Legendary Creature – Elder Giant Dog
  • Ape Dinosaur Turtle

What’s worse than a bear combined with a rhino? Clearly a Phyrexianized one! And a Legendary Elder Giant Dog… could that be Mowu?

Mowu, Loyal Companion

Only time will tell, but the speculation has begun! Let us know what you think over in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

March of the Machine is scheduled to release on April 21.