Flesh And Blood: Part The Mistveil Previews — Gorgon’s Gaze And Slither

Enjoy these special reveals and learn how to get your cold foil Slither exclusively from Star City Games!

Courtesy of Legend Story Studios, check out two new Mystic Assassin Attack Reaction cards coming in Part the Mistveil.

Gorgon’s Gaze creates a Slither in your hand (check below to see Slither) and also functions as a payoff to combo with that Slither. If a Chi was pitched to play Gorgon’s Gaze, banish all defending attack action cards on the combat chain and you may play the banished cards without paying their resource cost. The ability to turn your opponent’s defending cards into more attacks fits perfectly with Nuu, Alluring Desire’s instant ability. But what if your attacks or stolen attacks don’t have go again?

Let Slither take care of that!

Slither is the second card in Flesh and Blood that has the ephemeral keyword, joining Crouching Tiger from Dynasty (which will also be reprinted in Part the Mistveil). Ephemeral means the card can’t start the game in your deck and if it would be put into a graveyard, remove it from the game instead. The keyword makes cards function similarly to tokens, but unlike tokens, these cards can be put into your hand. Zen, Tamer of Purpose, also from Part the Mistveil, can create copies of Crouching Tiger each turn while Gorgon’s Gaze is a one-shot ability.

These ephemeral cards allow you to have access to another card in hand to attack with, enhance an attack action, or even potentially banish to effects like Art of War. Of course, Crouching Tiger and Slither do not have pitch values or block values, so the options you have are more limited with these ephemeral cards.

Slither, on top of having no pitch or block value, also doesn’t have an attack value like Crouching Tiger (even though it is zero, it can be buffed with other cards and abilities) due to it being an attack reaction card. This means Nuu, the new Mystic Assassin from Part the Mistveil, will look to chain multiple attacks together with the help of Slither.

For another example of a card that creates Slither, take a look at Sacred Art: Undercurrent Desires.

LSS previewed this double-faced card last month, but it is important because it can create a Slither or transcend into an Inner Chi so you can take advantage of the second ability from Gorgon’s Gaze. Each card that transcends flips into Inner Chi (the clearest preview image we have of an Inner Chi comes from the flipside of Preserve Tradition).

We’re excited to announce that Star City Games will be the only place that you can get your hands on a cold foil version of Slither. Preorder Part the Mistveil products from SCG today to receive your SCG-exclusive cold foil Slithers while they last … because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

And, unlike previous Flesh and Blood exclusives, there are multiple ways to get cold foil copies of Slither from SCG.

  • Orders for a case of Part the Mistveil will include four cold foil copies of Slither
  • Orders for a booster box of Part the Mistveil come with one cold foil Slither
  • Orders for a collection of Part the Mistveil Blitz decks will include one cold foil Slither.

As always, Star City Games guarantees 100% fulfillment on all preorders, so preorder with confidence!